Inquiry about moving on from Pads to Sticks

I have been a pad user for YEARS.

Now before someone states it, I certainly can read, and I DID see the Essential Joystick Thread.

The problem is I already have a stick however it would seem it’s starting to deteriorate.

The stick itself is a Pelican Real-Arcade PS2 stick.

And it from the pictures and diagram it appears to use HAPP style buttons as well as a Stick.

Lately the buttons have been very uncooperative, I press them down and they don’t pop back up. I initially thought the interior spring mechanism was bad, so I opened it up and checked and the tiny box that pushes the buttons / springbox work.

I know I could easily just purchase a set of new buttons from Lizard Lick Amusements, and go for a DIY hack job repair, but I am potentially looking out for my future for entertainment and usage for a stick.

With my recent purchase of an Xbox 360 and the news that Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix possible Summer release. I am thinking it’s time for me to put some serious time to start using a stick.

From my personal experience the obvious advantages that I’ve seen is near perfect 360’s for Zangief’s Spinning Pile Driver, and easier execution of 720’s

Compared to my PS2 controller with an Adaptor compared to the stick, I also tend to not do as much slip ups in throwing Hadoukens with Ryu / Ken, as before due to the small surface area that the D-pad rests on that my Thumb covers I had the tendency to slip and mistakenly throw Shakunetsu Hadouken (Burning Fireball) with Ryu when I only intended to throw a standard blue one.

So to get to my point.

I do NOT own a 360 Arcade stick yet, and I seriously doubt I’d be able to use some sort of PS2 to 360 converter to achieve perfect response time to use my Pelican stick on my 360.

So what would be the best Xbox 360 Arcade stick available to buy (preferably Sanwa style buttons, I hear they are the best, so I want to buy the best)

Also I have recently got involved in the Sunday Ranking Battles for Super Turbo on Kaillera / nFBA that a several fellow members of SRK here are involved in.

So straight to the point, I am looking for recommendations for a 360 Stick that also works on PC.

I did research but there is so many conflicting opinions. I figure if I read all the benefits on what there is available and compare them to the cons, I can find what suits my needs.

Thanks for taking the time in reading my overly long post, I appreciate any help to be offered in advance.

I read most of your post, I answer your stick question with this.

The Hori Ex2 works well on the Xbox360 and the PC. I think there is a small pain to configure it for use on the Mame program. You have to add drivers and stuff like that.

I think the best way to go is to get a custom one made out of an Official 360 pad wired/wireless. I enjoy wireless much more, It’s recognized by mame and all you have to configure are button mappings on the program.

I have made project boxes so that I can use one stick on both the Xbox 360 and psx. So you can think about that too. A prject box setup, so that you can switch between both and use an adaptor for your psx pcb on your computer.

I think I found something better and might suit me well.

I’ve decided to get my old Pelican Real-Arcade Stick modded.

I’m going to use the same base / wooden shell but simply replace the buttons and PCB, I’m getting it custom rigged for Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa Stick.

A user by the name of Hahano9 on these forums is going to do it for me. as seen he did some quality work already.

I’ve decided to get something similar to the ImmortalBMW design.

Transparent buttons and a blue colored finish, But I am going to go with the Dark Blue color theme that is of the Shoryuken default forum layout.

As for the background image I am probably going to use this =

With this in mind, I figure I’d be much better off with a custom modded stick rather then going out and buying a pre-made one. At least by using the 360 Wired controller as a Base, I’ll be able to use it on my 360 for HD Remix and also use it on my PC for the Kaillera Super Sunday Ranking matches.

This is gonna be fun.

sanwa doesnt make transparent buttons. Seimitsu does. They look really nice but sanwa buttons are better.