Insane frustration

As the title states, I am insanely frustrated. It’s usually easy to keep my cool during some annoying situations, but what exactly do you do when no matter how hard you mash out a command, it never comes out? Not just with online lag, but in a battle against an AI. I’ll go into training to see if I’m doing to move correctly, and almost instantly, the exact move that I’m trying to accomplish comes out but once I’m back into an AI battle, nothing. Should I just call it a night and pick up where I left off tomorrow or what? Also, if anyone’s wondering, I play a Fuerte

I think that’s your problem. When you’re under pressure, you start mashing. Just quit mashing.

I know it’s hard to concentrate under pressure but, in all honesty, that’s how players graduate from scrub to decent.
Maintaining your composure, at least long enough to have control of your inputs during a round, is key.

Well, I used mash for lack of a better word. I wasn’t like twirling full circles on my analog (no fightstick yet, soon) and rapid taping L2. I mean, the more I try to input my command, it ends up being a Z motion apparently. I think I’ll just have to take the motion slower.

it’s getting pathetic just how many threads like this there are in this forum. you guys really need to adjust your attitude towards the game.

Are you trying to use Flying Giga Buster and EX Guacamole is coming out?

You hit the nail on the head actually, I first tried to use his second Ultra with no luck, so I tried FGB and everytime I do it, it’s an EX Guacamole leg throw. Am I just trying to do the moves too fast or what

You’re doing this motion

:d::df:[:r::d: :df:] :3k: :r:

ignore the first two arrows, the reason you are getting EX guac is because of that DP motion before the kicks.

If you use ultra spark you won’t have this problem as double QCB motion will not overlap with another special motion.

So instead of attempting :d::df::r::d::df::r::3k:, go for :r::d::df::r::3k ?

Also, when trying Ultra Spark, I usually end up having my :d::db::l::db::d::db::l: motions not register so I just do a low heavy kick.

Should I change something up or just take my own advice and just take it slower?

Basically you’re not hitting all of the inputs cleanly. You may think you’re hitting QCFx2 but you’re really not. The game is reading your inputs as a dragon punch instead. Go into trianing mode with the inputs turned on and make sure you’re hitting all 6 directional inputs cleanly.

Paper is explaining it quite well, he’s saying make sure you hit your kicks later.

I get what you guys mean now. Also, quick question, does the arcade stick help accuracy at all due to the clicking? Plan on getting a stick soon for the arcade like experience but it’s something that popped into my head as I was typing.

Edit to avoid double posting:

I’ve discovered my problem. When I do the :d::db::l::db::d::db::l::db::d: (/reverse) motions, they come out as :d::db::d::db::l: . I fail :confused: gonna practice half circles for half an hr since they’re crucial for basically everything Fuerte

I’d say you’re probably pressing your kick/punch buttons to early so you end up with a halfassed motion. Result? DP!

just a quick note, i’ve noticed a lot of people, when they can’t get a move to come out, they try doing it faster, and faster, and FASTER! They start hitting the buttons extra times, they start doing the movements several times, ect. In reality though, its almost always that they needed to do it SLOWER.

Its not about needing to do the move faster, its about needing to do it with a nice steady rythm. Slow, accurate, and fluid. Your command inputs should flow like the tick-toc of a metranome.

I wish this would happen to 90% of people I face online. It’d force them to actually start timing shit.

Contrary to how a noob usually plays, I actually try to think tactically when playing. Of course being a noob, I still get dominated by the slew of shoto scrubs who roam the network battles, but still. I try.