Insane sent combo

(in corner) rh drones -> jab -> short -> (fly)-> jab -> strong -> (unfly) -> short -> rh -> (dash) -> jab -> short -> (fly) -> short -> rh + storm-a -> (unfly) -> short -> forward -> (storm hits) -> (fly forward) -> jab -> strong -> (unfly) short -> rh -> (dash) -> jab -> short -> (fly) -> short -> rh -> (unfly) ->short ->** forward -> low fierce -> rp -> hsf.**(yes that works for some reason) -> (dash) -> fierce, hsf -> ([fierce -> hsf] X3) -> launch -> sj. -> jab -> short -> strong -> forward -> (fly) -> short -> fierce -> (unfly) -> short -> (fly) -> short -> fierce -> (unfly) short -> (fly) -> short -> fierce -> (unfly) -> short -> forward -> rp.

around 75 hits. 36 hits before first super.

** JESUS! What a great combo and name for the combo. All hail Evan Sentinel!!**


Now THATS tyt w3rk

nice combo and stuff, but it’s just the same unfly fly corner stuff over and over again, nothing spectacular…

pulling it off however, is another story…nice combo, but nothing original… not taking anything from it tho, don’t get me wrong

yeah overall its pretty basic. only tricky part is getting the low fierce to combo.

sorry deleting, can’t give away tactics…:eek:

oh btw. Codylicio and Rowtron owned that combo for free. Those guys can do almost 40 hits without a super. bomb.

record that shit nikka

sorry but i have a stupid and quick question,

when sent is in the air in fly mode and i do lk,hk and unfly, i try to do a kick after but it doesnt work, how do you guys do this

You must be in unfy mode with Sent


i dont think im getting my point across cause i kinda dont understand what unfly means, i mean i fly lk hk then unfly and as i am falling down i press lk right? but on the way down nothing comes out. i hope you could understand and explain a little more cause this is gonna help a lot.

You arent in unfly MODE. to get in unfly mode get hit in the air with something that doesnt put you on the ground, ie you land on your feet. Now when you fly and then cancel out of fly mode you can use moves on the way down. But dont normal jump while in unfly mode, you’ll lose it.

Wow, nice combo. :^)

jesus christ.:frowning:

sentinel jesus combo

How can you fly foward after storm hits when you UNFLY short, foward right before storm hits, or did you mean unfly short, foward fly then fly foward? :confused:

Re: sentinel jesus combo

Immidiatly after (unfly) short, forward, activate fly again and go forward.