I really hate to start my own thread here, but I really want everyone to have a copy of this wallpaper I made in photoshop today using ReyArt’s 8-bit avatars that people have been taking… You will absolutely love this wallpaper… I am starting another, any positive suggestions???:china: Please add to my Rep! I could really use it for the work.

Ha, that is sick dude. You need to make the resolution higher though.

And you think you could make one that’s 1280 x 1024 for me? That’s my display.

I mentioned this in my sprite thread but I concur with a higher res version, at least 1680x1050. ;D

Alright, no problem… Well, sorta… How do you go about creating a higher resolution? Any tips? I don’t want the pictures to lose quality… Also, do you mean the picture itself isn’t high enough resolution, like the picture is crappy quality, or simply just the wrong Dimensions??? I hope you guys are talking about the dimensions…

I made it for 1920x1080, cause I thought that was the most common desired resolution… , I will attempt to make another.

I have listened to peoples replies and after a few more hours, I updated my number of resolution options!!! Not only did I add a few more including the Ruy VS Ken, but I worked a while on increasing the background image quality!!! A LOT!!! The capcom is crystal clear and background added a smart surface blur, HOPE YOU LIKEY!

HD Ryu VS Ken 1920x1080

INSANE!!! - See this image on Photobucket.

HD SSF4 1280x1024

1280x1024 - See this image on Photobucket.

HD SSF4 1680x1050

1680x1050 - See this image on Photobucket.

HD SSF4 1920x1200

1920x1200 - See this image on Photobucket.

I am currently working on some others?.. Willing to take suggestions, or even create some new resolution sizes!!! (P.S. Again?., I could really use the reputation! HINT HINT!)

Awesome wallpaper, gj :smile:

Thank you, tell others to check it out and respond!

Wow, thanks for all the resolutions! You’re the best.

Why doesn’t anyone make wallpapers at 2560x1600, comon one more step up please :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for a new picture??? Send me your favorite images of street fighter and I’ll see what I can do with that at least… You should see the before and after of these pictures above when I first posted them… No resolution or compression problems…, It was all fixed by hand with surface blurs, mask sharpeners, and lots of smudge tool time… I like this though, great photoshop practice you know!

Here you go!:china:Please add to my rep… Highly appreciated!


2560x1600 - See this image on Photobucket.

This is awesome, I am making this my new wallpaper. Much appreciated.

I would rep you but I can’t figure out how to do it, lol.

you need to be a premium$$$ member

Thanks man, I appreciate it! They look great

Thank you guys…, Oh and also thanks pootnannies, I had no idea obviously that you can’t add to rep unless you become a premium member… (How do you do that?)

If sonic_7 finishes his street fighter 3 sprites it is so on!!! I can’t wait to make another of these! Hey guys, got some sweet pictures I could work with, or some questions/opinions?

awesome wallpaper its my new backround

I <3 the one with the minis!