Insanty and trash talk KOF12. WHY?


I’m not sure if I’m just too relaxed while I play or something, but am I the only one who isn’t taking this game seriously online? (atleast not “serious” until the patch to fix the lag).

I already got hatemail! I already got people over the voice chat talking trash D: What the hell?! THE GAME IS PLAYING AT 10FPS!!! I had some guy grumbling and ranting about me “running” away. I was Leona! I like to stay in one spot D:<.

Mr. Hayabusa or Huyabasu or whatever, fuck you good sir, fuck you. (lol)

On another note, anyone else notice that you end up playing on the same stage like 20 time in a row?


I kinda accept Trash talk as a way of fighting games. Though I do engage in it sometimes myself, but it’s the more playful type. I told an Ash player “Ash is all testicles and NO SHAFT. WHAT HAPPENED TO YO SHAFT ASH?” The laughter from other people on the mic was pretty telling.


Because everyone is 10 feet tall and invincible behind a monitor/TV. As the old line goes.


Great. As expected a thread about hatemail for KOF XII. It’s like people never played online before.


It’s a new experience everytime though. Trash talk in FPS games, RTS games, and other games differ so greatly!

For instance, most people outside the fighting game world don’t even know what Scrub means; they think it’s an allusion to an old R&B song mocking men!


Thats because NO ONE outside of the fighting game community uses the word scrub. Lol!

but on hatemail i think its funny. You smash them in KOF and they are nerdreaging breaking controllers & shit. XD


I’ve had three people pull when they were about to lose to me so far. Not a good sign. I forget his gamertag, but one guy has found a way to get wins off of pulling/reconnecting or something (I didn’t get a loss tho, strangely).


lol i got this one story. I kept trying matches over the course of the day to see how lag was and kept getting challenged by this one guy and loosing. Finally after the forth time, i was down to my last char Joe and he still had all 3 (of course the game was really laggy and it just bugs me like fuck). So i started to come back, took out two of his guys and was on my way to an OCV and he disconnected…


Why is anyone even attempting to play this online, past their first few games?

The netcode is obviously lukewarm garbage at the moment.

Wait until/if it gets better.

Trash talk at 10fps… :rolleyes:


yeah am getting insane hate mail! worst then street fighter i had to block them it was getting annoying! these guys just don’t understand “space control” these scrubs just cant seems to understand the game… it looks like there button mashing there way to victory. only to run in to my fist in there face!! buuuuurn-knuuckle!!!

yeah on x-box the online play is mad sluggish, cant wait for the patch!!


Here’s a hint go into your profile privacy settings and switch everything to friends only and the member content one leave at everyone for indie games. Cause with XBL silence is golden. You’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue: Well crud I just noticed you run PS3 op. Is this also doable on that console like it is with XBL?


theres only 5 to begin with…


i got a rage quit today ;x

in player match with my friend we only fought in 3 stages.


haha I was just going to say this. There’s not too many stages so I always end up playing the same one or two over and over. It’s not that big of a deal though, at least to me. Some people like to switch up.


Yeah, only played 3 people so far and already 1 one of them was talking crap, saying I run away too much and that’s not how you play KoF. It’s sad really, especially considering the lag. Only reason I bother is because I just got the game and I’m anxious to play some real matches.


Maybe I’ll play you then? I trash talk, but in a humorous way mainly about the characters. It isn’t serious but more of a comical joke.

I’ve been having some good matches. You have to get rid of spectators, and filters and have the game installed though.


i think a “what other players msg you after you beat them” thread: KOF 12 edition is needed lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to get-hype America, full of KOF scrubs.


playing at 10fps…how the hell can anyone take that seriously?


Some Iori ragequit on me earlier

The shitty part is the connection was decent :frowning: