Some cool mixups i found in training mode:

*i don’t know how to do combo notation with the smileys *sigh

cr.lk>cr.lp>cr.mp xx mk scramble>hp break (crossup or non crossup)>lp psycho sting
cr.lk>cr.lp>cr.mp xx mk scramble>hp break (crossup or non crossup)>aa u2
cr.lk>cr.lp>cr.mp xx mk scramble>hp break (crossup or non crossup)>fadc>air throw

***mk scramble mixups also work from cs.hp>cr.mk

and as a side note, I’ve been trying to play decayer as a mixup character since thats all combo fiend was going on about during beta and i think its a pretty good game plan for her, we just need to figure out some safe jump setups, but for example instead of ending a combo with psycho sting (unless i want to fadc air throw) i usually end it with razor edge slicer and go for mixup or meaty mk canon strike which beats some stuff, loses to dps, etc. but i feel if we could get some setups on wakeup with her, this is definitely the way to play her with ultra combo double so we can either go through fireballs, aa for hard damage (oh and if anyone has been successful with anti airs with her PLEASE let me know aside from psycho sting which loses to a lot only thing I’ve been remotely successful with is cr.hp T.T)comboed into for heavy damage off of one of the above mixups, (or a psycho sting fadc i assume but can’t test because of my execution) as well as having the opportunity for mixups on knockdown with u1, (I’ve been trying backthrow>u1> instant air j.lk but it keeps whiting so i just switched to overhead for the time being) i think she has the potential to be a VERY STRONG character… THOUGHTS?


to do it just use : at the start and the end of lk/mk/hk etc like this

: lk : = :lk: (W/o spaces)

and the simbol > is used in TC mostly for links just use commas linking cr.:hp: after a cr.:lp: should be like this

cr.:lp:, cr.:hp:

st.:mp:>:hp: TC


for AA

far jump aka outside of stinger range use far :hp: far :mk: and far :hk:

cr.:hp: works inside stinger range with some exceptions aka stupid jump ins like j.:hp: from decapre lol

right above you cl.:mk: cl.:hk: (need more testing) i was quite surprised with cl.:hk: tbh but indeed more testing is needed.

Cross up range is the trickiest one as we dont have cammy´s cl.:hp: so im working on that.


also, i don’t know if anyone else noticed but :mk: scramble> :lp: break> cr :lk: can mixup the opponent faster than :mk: scramble> :hp: break

and as a side note, does anyone know of a use for :mp: break


Ex :mp: break is godlike


I’ve had a lot of success with Psycho Sting anti-air, it doesn’t have much invincibility but as an early anti-air its really good and the hitbox on it is amazing. Requires a good bit of prediction but I’ve been playing Vega for a year so I’ve gotten used to sitting on down back charge when you predict a jump. Outside of Psycho Sting I haven’t had much luck besides the occasional early cr.hp that still trades.

I haven’t found any real mixups yet, just some scramble gimmicks on wake-up.

As far as playstyle I play her similar to the way I played Vega in 2012. Mostly footsies and abusing her fast, long range pokes and looking for a knockdown to get some pressure.


Anyone figure out any uses for her neutral jump :hp:? I figure it might be decent out of a jump cancelled EX scramble -> break on block.


you can jump cancel that on block? lol

well it’s her best neutral jump normal for people on the ground i think so yea


Holy shit? For real? That’s insane! The mixup becomes safe with one bar, that’s much better


I didn’t get to test it this evening. I just read it on one of the threads here. If someone can test, it would be greatly appreciated.


i have only do it on hit, didnt cross my mind that nasty option

today will do it anyways


You said “mix ups” so I thought on block.

That said, on hit? So EX helm breaker into air throw is a possibility?


actually more than that

ex ground pound xx jump, mk drill, mp/ex stinger is possible

cant get the u2 after tho


and the other thing im actually testing

ex ground pound xx jump, j.hp gives us air reset

so from there you can dash under and make it very tricky, after the dash you might ended up in front or back depending on the timing of the dash, so good


You can’t JC EX Pound on block.


I like her mixups but i think I won’t go that deep into her, mixup wise. She risks so much, and once they get a hold on the possible followups/mixups a blocked Ground Pound will hurt like hell for Decapre. However, I’ll look into her mixups aswell.

Thanks for sharing =)


anyone have any mixups:

after LP hands (midscreen, besides meaty overhead)

after HP stinger ( corner, i don’t see much going on midscreen)

after u2? after forward throw? after air throw besides u1 or scramble?


2 easy safe-jump set-ups I found:

[4 Frames]

  • U2 > Jump Forward > late j.:hk:


Sorry for the quality etc. Had to hold the phone on one hand and input with the other.

[5 Frames]

  • Back Throw > Dash Forward :f::f: > late nj.:hp:

I have to experiment a little more with these in the situation the opponent does delay wakeup.


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