it’s character specific but you can auto safejump some characters after lp hands by holding up forward. I need to chart out who it works on still


It seems like you can safejump with divekick after midscreen hands as well.


how so? even on quick rise? HK scramble, dive?

(i don’t have a usf4 setup with me, just trying to compile stuff)


Almost immediate MK scramble dive on quick rise. Also,


after a psycho stream setup I’ve been whoring out empty jump low with 100% success rate so far lol (granted its only been twice on two different opponents…on a side note, does the game lag for anyone else when opponent blocks psycho stream?


about the lag

activate u1, do scramble> hp break xx super

watch it in slow-mo


man we really need one big thread that will compile all this crap into one readable page instead of 7 threads with alot of crap all over it. Anyhow malvidisco your pretty active on here and you seem to have pretty solid execution so i have a small task for u i have an unblockable but so far i only have it on hakan i need you to test on other members of the cast the timing is really strict it works with sweep but could possibly work with backthrow as well.

setup is sweep whiff stand lk jumping fierce punch

my thumb is killin me from holding down + back all day in the lab the struggle is real.

but some tech for you guys that im not sure if you guys know per say but many a decapre dont use this technique and its going to be 100% useful and nessasary to use in order to be succesful with decapre.
so far you guys speak of the air cannon drill. But did u guys know u can kinda tiger knee it ? if you do it properly it will look 100% like cammys grounded ex cannon drill and it has the invincibilty and is unpunishable.
even if its deep i havent really seen it get punished you can test if u like but to me it has to be done differently then the traditional tiger knee. You can do it both stationary and moving its very strict timing tho if it doesnt look exactly like cammys ex cannon drill then your not doing it fast enough. the motions are as follows

down + back > back > up + back > foward 2 kicks

back > up + back > foward 2 kicks



heres my vid that will show the ex cannon drill. watch near the end if you like for a nice red focus combo =p sorry its an upload to youtube vid from ps3 guess their 480p upload doesnt cut it lmao


actually we have been calling that IA drill lol

ill look into the unblockable :wink:


aight sounds good try it out and upload a video if u can i dont have no fancy capture device so im stuck with the upload to youtube stuff and it sucks


If only there were a way to invoke this lag without super on U1, this way you can use the slow-mo to confirm the hit/block.


Don’t you get the feeling that her mixups are easily telegraphed?

I seriously need her framedata!


I do, and I’m having issues coping with it at the moment. There’s a distinct possibility that I’m just not quite comfortable running charge mixups at the moment (I’m an Ibuki player at heart) but after a couple of hours, my eternal sparring partner was able to block everything that I threw at him and typically punish it with a throw or worse. The one exception to this rule seems to be when I do an EX Scramble>Break and go in front of him, but I’m certain his difficulty blocking that particular move has more to do with the character being new than anything else.

I guess I’m not really sure how to approach mixups with her, especially in the corner. Specifically, what do I do if my opponent, say, decides to only block low? None of her Scramble options hit overhead (do they? I don’t think they do.) Would it be beneficial to train the opponent to expect throws, then do something else instead? But even in doing that, if we find ourselves setting up a reset, what can we honestly do? Go low again?

At the moment, it looks very flashy when I get an opponent to the corner. That flashiness fades after a long few resets when I’ve done no damage and have finally been punished for teleporting around so much :O.


I think just about everybody is worried about that with her. Personally, I’m optimistic. To me the problem is most people seem to be trying to mix up from further away because of her mobility options. I don’t think that’s the point; i think it’s more about her available pressure up close. If you have a bar of meter and have them blocking a jab >> jab >> medium punch string (which’ll give you enough time to charge), you’re +3 on block (medium punch is stupid good frame-wise) and have access to the following:

c. MK (low, 3 frame window frame trap. Have to test but I’m pretty sure you’ll still be in range for it)
Jump back EX Spiral Arrow (+ on block)
EX Scramble slide (unsafe)
EX Scramble break (cross up VS non but unsafe)
EX scramble cannon spike (+ on block close range)
EX scramble M followup (DP bait/fairly quick)
EX hands (neutral on block)

That’s a diverse enough toolbox that if your opponent guessed correctly either they got very lucky or your pattern of mixups are predictable IMO. The 2+ character lengths away mixups are pretty limited, as they should be. I think close range is where her mixup will shine, and fortunately she has the mobility/walk speed to help get in.


Excellent collection of options. I haven’t yet tried throwing in her overhead in that situation. I’ll definitely give it a go.


not after crLP/LK crLP crMP. after crLK/LP crLP crLP then yes if you started at point blank range.


once we have a better idea of the option tree and how it works she’ll feel less limited. I’m already doing 50/50 ex strike against fat characters, and that is cheap enough for me in conjunction with u1.


Any idea what kind of advantage EX strike has when at the height necessary for a crossup?


on wakeup or neutral