I agree, seems to be a bit early and theres tons of options to play with.

J.hp - scramble or j.hp s.hp(1hit) xx scramble can be deadly since you are right in their face.


Just throwing these out here, dunno what is a good idea in what matchup. While the opponent is in the corner:

-cl.mp > cl.hk, cl.mp xx hk scramble > kick, easily combos into lights from divekick, beats some reversals, loses to others
-cl.mp > cl.hk, cl.mp xx hk scramble > lp or mp break, leave Decapre at advantage
-cl.mp > cl.hk, cl.mp xx mk+hk scramble > lp break, creates space between Decapre and opponent, might be useful vs grapplers
-cl.mp > cl.hk, lk+hk scramble > mp or hp break, will switch sides, hp break can follow up with upper and then U2. You can whiff a standing jab before the scramble to make it look like you are doing a standing strong, possibly a better illusion. Finally, if he knows it’s happening, you can break with lp instead to not cross.
-any combo into sting xx fadc dash forward, cl.mp, walk or dash under them or don’t, you can be very ambiguous just sanding under them


Not sure if it’s in this thread… but backthrow - cr :mp: - :mk: scramble instant dive kick seems meaty possibly safe jump. (Frame perfect whiffs)

Also backthrow - cr :lp: - :hk: scramble instant dive kick also seems meaty possibly safe. Of course on non frame 3s i suppose.

It’s just what they looked like in training mode, I’m not much a training mode kinda guy. Anyone think they can stick a CPU on reversal or something see if it works?



Messing around with this setup last night.





I didn’t realize cl.st.Mp had juggle properties.


I like the idea

But rfc just for a reset idk


Yeah, I’d rather save the 3 meter for a poke into Ultra/Super


It’s a good reset if you were in a situation where you need to make a comeback. But if you were leading, then I would also save the meter.


Keep in mind those setups can also be done off of the target combo and an FADC’d stinger. I can see st.mp setups coming in handy considering they disallow delayed wakeup.


A quick little mix up I’ve used a few times is st. HP xx EX Scramble > Break. It gives you a pretty quick cross up that the opponent might not be looking for.

Off of the EX Break I’ve doing a late j. HK to reset them and then go right back into MK Scramble when I land for another 50/50


^said the same thing and noone gave a damn :b But yeah, I also use it


Hey man, if people are ignoring tech that’s great. That means you get to win with it and no one knows about it.


So I was mucking around in training mode, and I accidentally crossed up with ex air spiral arrow thing while I was in the corner. So if the ex air spiral arrow can cross up, maybe you guys can figure out some mix ups with it!


you can cross up midscreen to. if you do proper setups you get a 50/50 mixup with it on opponents wakeup


Yup! You have to space the HK scramble correctly. Thats stick imho


oh I’m not talking about off a scramble, I’m talking about the one where you jump back to do? the one with the instant air version


Oh! I misread it : \ You mean the spiral arrow aye?

Have to try that myself.


Sweet trick that I haven’t seen anywhere (but excuse me if this has already been discovered) is ex :mp: break > jump cancel > :hp: to reset > cross up/ cross under/ overhead/ etc.

It’s like Yun and Yangs
:mk: > jump cancel > :hk: reset > mixup
Just at the cost of a bar.


read the thread plz

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shoot, thanks for being merciful. I’ll read through next time.


np is just annoying because ppl just feel like posting stuff already found or talked about w/o reading anything beforehand lol