So what is the conclusion on crossups off of scramble? I was playing around in training mode last night and I was finding it almost impossible to crossup off a scramble with anything besides break. I can’t even say for sure you can crossup on HK scramble with break.

I was holding back as the blocking character and in almost all situations I would walk backwards out of any mixup and just block as if it were from the front. You can do empty scramble into crossup j.lk but it doesn’t seem to hit deep enough to combo from.

So yea, it began as an effort to learn how to block her followups. As far as I can tell, they are all same side if you walk backwards except a super deep MK break which will hit crossup but you can react. Is there a way to get a crossup cannon strike? and if so from which scrambles?


You can get crossups with the hk scramble and the lk+hk EX scramble > Cannon Strike. It works ir they are standing or crouching.


You shouldn’t be frequently using scramble during instances when the opponent can move or really do anything.


I was more referring to doing 2x lights into cr.mp xx scramble. The small amount of time they have out of hit/block stun is enough for a few small steps back which changes the spacing… assuming they are holding back and not down back


Yeah that would be one of those instances where you should stop doing what you are doing.


backthrow, step forward, st.mk jump FP = unblockable on bison

Its crouchable. If you do OS throw from the jump FP, you grab him out of the EX crusher.


Hey guys, I don’t know if this mixup has already been talked about but I think I found a pretty good mixup for decapre.

After ending any combo with razor edge slicer, you can easily go into a 50/50 mixup with scramble into break and still have it safe on block as long as you do the break meaty. After testing it out it seemed like I was at most -3 frames. Of course if your opponent has some sort of special with invincibility frames it can go straight through the break but that’s why we have the Medium punch version of scramble to make it completely safe and catch them mashing.

You also gotta consider that they can delay wakeup the hard knockdown from razor edge slicer so timing is key. Let me know what you guys think!


sorry pal its been discussed for quite a while now…since day 1 actually


Perhaps op should update the first post.


Made this vid yesterday…some psycho stream fun.
More on my channel, got a day 1 combo vid and some day 1 psycho stream setups too (not all godlike but eh, day 1)



so i mucked around with the crossup j.hp setup against cody found at the bottom here: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/jun/21/usf4-roundup-decapre-jump-hp-cross-and-uc1-setups-juris-ex-dive-kick-can-cross-against-adon-roses-uc1-negates-zangiefs-cross-attempt/

j.mp does not crossup, so thats a pretty legit 50/50. i think j.hp crossup setups might be the best avenue of mixups to explore for now, much like sakuras setups. i’ve lost all faith that anything regarding scrambles (except u1) will develop into a reasonably legit guess, that’s also somewhat safe.

setups from backthrow in general should be explored more, i think. CH cr.hp, cr.mk xx hp psycho sting is a pretty scary ch setup (about 320dmg/500stun) but getting tossed isn’t nearly as scary so the frametrap game is too skewed towards blocking.


Has anyone found any good setups to make Scramble dive kicks cross up (and safe if it’s blocked)?


For Scramble > Dive Kick to cross up I haven’t found a particular cross up. It will depend on the moment you press the kick button.

If you are close or rather close to your opponent MK scramble will cross up if you give a couple of secs before pressing the kick button. How safe are they or even if they are safe, haven’t tested it yet.


they are almost always minus if it’s non ex and blocked. if you do an actual crossup dive, it usually hits very high and is probably punishable if blocked.

if someone could help me test the following concept, i’d be grateful:
idea is that akuma does a crossup by whiffing palm after demon flip, and stays in front with dive kick.
ALSO, sometimes dive kick whiff crosses up if they delay wakeup.
so i’m thinking, there might be some timing where we can do the same thing, whiff a dive kick to cross up (start the crossup with a jab or something) and with slight timing differences just stay in front with a meaty dive kick.
now i know delay wakeup kind of messes this concept up when i just tried it blindly in matches, but i’m still thinking it might be a way to threaten crossup more reliably and safely.


Scramble dive kicks can be made safe and even +on block if it’s blocked low enough. There’s a thread which illustrates this. I’ll be messing with dive kick set ups this weekend, will post up if I find anything new/significant. I think her dive kick game is greatly under utilized so I can’t wait till more stuff gets explored for this. Will also try test that set up and variations


Uh… I’m pretty sure they were talking about Cross-Up divekicks. Pretty sure we all know by now that divekicks can be safe :slight_smile:


in general i don’t think there is a knockdown long enough that makes a crossup dive kick (non ex) able to be + on block. it just takes too long to cross up, so you always hit them relatively high


proper divekick 50/50s seem a bit pipedreamy. it feels like they were really conservative with the crossupability on decapres divekick in order to avoid cammy bs and/or make hp break completely redundant


they also gave her an overhead that only combos into crLK at a range beyond sweep and crMK. what are you supposed to do, threaten overhead and scramble slide? it may seem pipedreamy but at the same time it’s ultra sf4, a game where they gave us the “nice” button select and then forgot to let you delete selections unless you use the “not nice” button select in a different menu. ultra sf4, where they gave use extra stuff to do in training mode but forgot (or refused???) to give an option of delay wakeup on hard knockdown.

i’ve crossed with dive kick before - it’ll come down to frame kills. if we can’t find auto timing frame kills then we can settle on subtle visual things.


I don’t think it works like that, killing frames, because it depends on your spacing, on the scramble version and the moment your press the button to dive kick.