im thinking the more you can eyeball set ups instead of frame kill everything the better

actually this is how you do stuff pre09 lol


for sure, frame kills are more of a safe jump thing i suppose. spacings then


yeah, there’s certainly a lot of weird shit that interact strangely in this game and there’s almost guaranteed to be some character specific 50/50 divekicks, but as far as a reliable, safe 50/50 against most (or even some) of the cast, i just don’t think the move has it in it. i don’t know if the hitbox is too conservative or the center is placed too far back but crossing up is reaaaally finicky wih her divekick and i’ve only managed to land it on crouching opponents. also, remember that unlike most(all other?) divekicks in the game, hers can only be performed while rising, so it’s more limited in terms of possible position/timing combinations.

some other stuff like not being able to charge for a while after tc airthrow makes me think they focused a bit extra on making sure some things just don’t work. of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they succeeded, seeing as a ton of unblockables were discovered day/week one




I’m not sure if this is of any use yet but something to note. When Decapre does a dive kick on crouching opponents, it only seems to crossup on the right side and not the left no matter what I try. I’m not sure how punishable it is on block yet nor do I know how useful this is but maybe it’s good for an oki?

atm, i’ve only tested this on crouching ryu and yun.



just to illustrate my point


Has anyone found good applications for the ground teleport? I managed to condition a few opponents to try to punish my ground slide with FA and then I teleported behind them instead. Ground slide is a risk to use in the first place, tho. But I feel the teleport is underused right now.


ground teleport i only like if you’ve conditioned people to run away from u1, you can tele behind and then they’ll be backdashing into you as u1 hits them, but it’s more of a one off gimmick than anything.

In the earlier builds i think it recovered much faster as i remember seeing it used as an escape option.


Yeah, I (and I assume most others) feel, while playing Decapre, a ton of minor changes having been made by someone afraid of letting something be too good and erring too often on the side of caution.


I agree with this, but imagine if they didn’t err on the side of caution though. Imagine Cammyesque divekick nonsense off of any knockdown. Decapre would be the best character in the game and the runner up would comparatively be gutter tier, imo.

I’ve been thinking, because how god damned inclined the divekick is to hit in front, that maybe the “proper” (as in vortex) mixup is ex divekick, for front, or ex mp break, which would end up on opposite side? You don’t need any frame kills or specific setups or anything and you can eyeball the timing really easy. If they start to focus backdash there’s even a non retarded use for hp break right there. Since vryu mentioned how good he thought ex mp break was i’ve been using it more and i’m starting to feel that it might just be her best move. It’s a straight up get in for free card, invincible all the way to the bank.


Yeah for some reason it feels as if they wanted to make the craziest character in the cast, just put in all their ideas (minus the effort of a new character model due to obvious budget limitations) and then nerfed a big part of the moveset down to gimmicks or very situational tools.
I really like the character but she also seems a bit thrown together in some aspects.


[quote=“noosetester, post:89, topic:169314”]

I’ve been thinking, because how god damned inclined the divekick is to hit in front, that maybe the “proper” (as in vortex) mixup is ex divekick, for front, or ex mp break, which would end up on opposite side? You don’t need any frame kills or specific setups or anything and you can eyeball the timing really easy./quote]

I never though about that but its basically a metered version akuma’s demon flip vortex which is pretty cool. Will definitely try that.


if you are willing to spend ex , ex scramble is quite good. mp break is unpunishable but it does “lose” to them mashing, so mix that up with the divekick to get the big damage


you can actually option select block ex divekick to the front vs. mp break to buttons on the back because of the large frame differentials.


true, still forces them to not mash prematurely

and could do mp break on front


Both make good points. Maybe she just doesn’t have a “the” definitive mixup… which is fine by me. Not too big of a fan of set plays, outside of those that help me beat bad players without having to think too hard.


i love set plays. the kind that let me beat better players without having to think too hard.


soooo here’s a dumb gimmick against crouching ryu

cl.hp xx EX MKHK Scramble earliest divekick hits in front
cl.hp xx EX LKHK Scramble earliest divekick hits in back

if he refuses to sit you can go beyond dumb and do MP break to low

only tested it against ryu and yun, and against yun they both hit in front, but might work on more chars


Here’s a setup to bait dps and leave you in a good position to punish. It uses Hk Scramble -> Lp Break. I haven’t gotten a chance to test it on the entire cast but so far I’ve found that it works on Ken and Ryu’s untechable knockdown if they do a reversal or non reversal Dp, but loses to their delayed wakeup and Ken’s U1 (forgot to test 2), makes E. Honda’s Headbutts, Ultras, and Butt Splashes whiff (I think the Light splash will still hit on the way down due to Decapre’s recovery on lp break), and makes Ibuki’s Ex. Kazegiri whiff. It works for both her the untech/delayed wakeup, and makes her ultras whiff. I’ll test more when I have more time to mess around (this weekend more likely.)

*Sorry in advance for the terrible video quality and my failed attempts at doing a dp. I don’t have a video capture card so I had to try and do them 1 handed. That ish is pretty hard. Hopefully this can prove useful in some way. There are more setups I came up with after the cr.lk -> cr. lp -> cr. mp xx lk. scramble slide bnb.



Somewhat safe meaty EX spiral arrow setup off a mid-screen DP.



The only real problem with that setup (which is big enough to pretty much make it unusable in a real match) is that it depends on your opponent not quick standing after the knockdown, which is pretty much never gonna happen. If we can find a similar setup but after a guaranteed hard knockdown, then yeah that might just be a good tool.