mental thought mixup. decapre’s slash sound comes out during her j.hp. do you think it could be used as a viable mixup opportunity by empty jumping j.hp so it doesnt come out but the sound animation is still there and then do cr.lk for low?

(not sure if the sound or no sound is relevant or not


that’s kinda silly. you’d be giving yourself more landing frames… you’re putting yourself at risk of getting thrown or counter hit as soon as you land.
plus that’s assuming the player even has their sound on/isn’t jamming out to music.
I’d personally rather have the frame advantage from the blocked j hp ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


You can do it but you’d need to find a setup where you can fake the frame kill and still be + when you hit cr.lk


Found a potential reset with EX ground pound. Since you can forward jump cancel off of it, doing an air to air normal then landing and doing a cross under could work. Messing around and trying to find the best move to use for it though. Let me know if anyone comes up with anything!

Okay, I took a video of it with my potato. Let me know if you guys think this is legit or not. I’m actually not the greatest at this game :stuck_out_tongue:



its amazing!


haha! Thanks.

I actually found it’s best to use j.HP but delay it as long as possible, that way they’ll tech extremely close to the ground, but still just enough for you to cross under… from there you can do whatever. Even just target combo to air throw or ultra 2. :smiley:


good job c:


Slightly Less Potato Reset video

that’s what I’ve got now I suppose. I like this setup a lot!


Holy crap that set up is amazing
Can’t wait to try this out and make some noobs cry :smiley:


I found that if you set it up using a backthrow then land the EX Break, and reset into her Cl.HP, cr.MP, Sting combo it will stun just about anyone instantly, haha.

Edit: Went on Ranked to get a video, I used it twice in this match leading into Target combo 2. Once @ 0:36, and the second time @ 1:06. Should be much easier to tell what I’m doing than my potato cam xP



Dude that is glorious. Thanks for posting that vid!



Sorry i forgot my kappas at home


^ loved the reset!

also, has anyone got a setup for a (possible?) crossup ground U2 in opp. waking up situations


Recently discovered this video which shows some amazing corner mix-up ideas! Basically you combo into her TC1 any way you want, hit them with MP and cancel it into a scramble and do whatever you can imagine from there.



Resets using EX Scramble.


Not sure how active you guys are, but here’s an old vid I made back when Ultra dropped. Cross up fierce setups that act as bootleg safe jumps. They all start with cl.MP > HK target combo. I recently revisited it I was trying to find a way to cover DWU while still getting the cross up. Crouching for a few frames after the overhead worked but it’s really inconsistent. Was wondering if you guys could take a shot at it.

I didn’t directly say it in the video, but depending on whether a wake up move is reversal or not will determine which way it goes. Reversals will normally go the way you jumped in from while non-reversals will autocorrect. That’s what the Ryu DP at the end was meant to show. It happens during the Gouken example too when I mess up the EX Tatsu and actually hits her because it wasn’t a reversal. It’s not a true safe jump since you aren’t hitting on the last active frame, but it evades most reversals that would be used against it.



Problem is against strong players they will look to identify how high you are as they are waking up and try for a delayed reversal. The best setups will beat those and true reversals.


question: is there a point in doing a non-crossup scramble punch as opposed to ending it with an air kick? I know the punch juggles but it comes out, what? ~20 frames later, that’s enough time for them to throw out a punch


Been getting a lot of mileage out of this ex scramble break into j.fierce mix up lately.


After the jump fierce, dash under the opponent. If you crouch after the dash, they will cross you up as they land from the reset. If you stand, they don’t cross up.