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5a - Some hand or w/e
2a - Same hand just lower
5b - Ballerina swipe, 2 hits
2b - Low kick to the feet
5c - Fist to the face, MASSIVE block/hitstun(unless they adv guard, of course)
2c - Low slide, goes a pretty good distance(about 3 ippatsumen)
3c - Standard launcher, you already know what it is 25th and broadway crab shack beyotch
6c - Shoulder tackle, knocks down


qcf+x : A series of baseball throws

[]A is fast, covers almost fullscreen.
]B is the same as A, just directed a little higher for characters in the air.
[*]C is a slower ball, but spirals in a straight path until it hits a wall

DP+x : Dragon punch that goes straight up, different strengths give you either less or more hits, along with height. If you DP while dashing, Ippats goes in a diagonal trajectory instead of straight up ALA Dimitri from VS

qcb+x : Ground pound that resembles captain corridor(except worse). Startup varies between each version, and will net you more hits with each increasing strength

Charge back, forward+x: Psycho Crusher. Does one hit no matter which version it is, the stronger the button the further he travels. Great tool if you need to get in and standard airdashing isn’t working. Theres light risk to it, but if you have a tiny bit of HP for BBQing, have a ball with it and BBQ if the opponent is in a situation to punish it. One of my favorite moves, definitely


qcb+AB: Baseball special, Ippats pulls out a bat from a different dimension and rocks a buncha baseballs across the screen. Great amount of screen covered, startup is alright. Unpunishable if blocked(I think, didn’t really test this)

DP+AB: The meat and potatoes of this character, you’ll be using this super a lot. Ippatsu jumps diagonally and grabs whatever is in his way, and Izuna drops the opponent into the ground. Grab does about 20%, unblockable. It can be comboed into and “uncomboed” into, because its unblockable. Normally the best route to go is un-combo, since its so easy and nets you mad damage compared to a comboed super. Only grabs opponents that are in the air, but thats awwwwright

[Level 3]Reverse DP+AB: Ippats gets into his mech and wrecks havoc, of course. Once inside his baby, you’re able to do quite a bit.

Your A button controls the right arm, the B button controls the left. The C button is an unblockable laser that takes a decade and a half to charge, which you can also be hit out of(get kicked in the face and your mech cries). But the good thing is that the laser does 80%!!! :sad:

[]A or B: Mech punches the opponent, pretty sure it wallbounces or somethin dumb
]Up+A or B: Mech swings a sword horizontally, unblockable
[*]Down+A or B: Mech ground pounds, launches opponent


[]2aa 5b[2 hits] 2b 5c launcher j.aabb dj.ac
]2aa 5b(2 hits) 2b 5c launcher j.aabb dj.aa 623c(pause for a slight moment) 623AB
[*]2aa 5b(2 hits) 2b 5c BBQ IAD j.C land 2a 5b(2 hits) 2b 5c 3c SJ blaghggfhghg

1) Standard combo, no different from everyone else’s shit
2) This is a standard combo into unscaled super. You do his DP and wait for the opponent to fall down a little before you do his super, the opponent techs and gets grabbed, Ippats scores an easy 40%
3) Ippatsuman party combo into BBQ into whatever ender you prefer, have a party

Other than that, Ippats is a pretty straight-forward character. There isn’t much mixup in him, its the damage that scares the opponent into not wanting to get hit. 2 combos and the opponent better switch out, or their losing a character. His combos are easy, his pressure is standard, his character is :tup:, and I’m liking him right now

If I had to rate his supers, I’d put air-grab super as a definite first, then mech ride, with baseball swing coming up the rear. Its obvious why I chose air-grab first, since its the main reason hes doing damage in his combos. Mech super is second because its useful if you’re coming up the rear or need to finish an opponent off. Just throw a couple of unblockables or sit there to stall time and you’re good. Baseball super isn’t last because its not good, but because there isn’t really a use for it outside of fullscreen punish. Even then, its not something you’ll be using an excessive amount, because you’ll want to be saving that meter for your BS combos

Cool Stuff

[]TKing the C version of Ippatsu’s fireball into BBQ gives you a FB thats low to the ground and gives you some cover to move in. Land, dash in. If the opponent jumps, you get a free air-grab super. If they don’t then do whatever mixup you wish, its your life
]If the opponent is in the trajectory of air-grab super when you do it, theres literally nothing they can do about it. They’re getting grabbed, one way or another. Of course, this counts if you’re using the grab as an anti-air


nice, I was waiting for an ippatsu thread.

When you get home could you list his specials and other supers please?


baseball swing super rules.

it can combo off a baseball throw at full screen… but that doesn’t do much damage =p

I really want to use ippatsuman but I can’t think of good tactics. I just throw baseballs to keep away and do his psycho crusher and try to confirm his grab super after.

I feel like he’ll have a hard time getting in to do combos.


His B Rainbow (the name of the baseball move) is actually cancelable with his Homerun super since he doesn’t jump off and it hits the enemy faster.

My ground combo with him is :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:d::df::r:+:snkb:, :hcb:+:2p:

You can Baroque at :d::snkb:


Yeah this is kinda like Polymar, only Polymars air grab is so slow that it works no matter how fast you do it. Reset into air grab super.

Ippatsumans IAD j.B has some amazing range.

Say you are in the middle of a block string and don’t have any other options is his QCF+A safe on block as it pushes himself backwards?


Advance Guard on the baseball > Shinku Hadoken can punish that, unless I’m really bad at blocking.

I do like Ippatsuman, but it feels like they intentionally toned down the damage on his supers. At any rate, he teams up very well with Ryu to extend his combos and does decent damage with his ground strings without the need of a super.

BnB Ground Chain
2A, 2A, 5B [2 hits], 2B, 5C, 2C, QCB+C xx DP+AB

Extended Ground Chain w/ Ryu
2A, 2A, 5B [2 hits], 2B, 5C, QCF+A, assist, dash in, 2A, 5B [2 hits], 2B, 5C xx BAROQUE xx dash in, 2A, 2A, 5B [2 hits], 2B, 5C, 3C /\ SJ.A, SJ.A, SJ.B, SJ.B /\ DJ.A, DJ.B, DJ.B xx DP+AB

Also, is it possible to do DP+AB xx DHC in a combo? I know that his DP+AB super can be DHC’d while Ippatsuman is on his way up, but I haven’t been able to DHC quickly enough to whiff his grab and connect with my teammates super. Is it possible? And if so, what is your set up?


Ippatsuman is a great character


You can cancel his :d::snkc: into his air grab super. This is the basic ground chain I use.

:snka:, :snkb:, :d::snkb:, :snkc:, :d::snkc:, :dp::p::p:

It does more damage than super canceling his :qcb::p: because you avoid damage scaling.


[I’m just going to keep editing this post every time I find something interesting]

This combo is pretty decent on a cornered opponent:






^(oh, and this doesn’t only work in the corner, you can do it midscreen obviously; this just guarantees you’ll link the :dp::2p: from the :dp:


, which may be harder to time right.)

His charged-:l: -> :r::snkc: can be cancelled into his bat super easily,
which is not only like 16k+ damage midscreen, but looks totally awesome.
You can cancel into his other supers as well,
but knocking your opponent into the baseball bat is so much more badass than the grab super and even the lvl3.

Also, if you do use his lvl3 super you can infinite your opponent until you run out of bars rather than just using the ridiculously strong :snkc:beam;
if your super bar is maxed out, it does about 2/3 the damage of the beam which is still not bad for a lvl3.
I was doing it against the CPU today for the lulz.
Just start off with :u::snka:(unblockable),:d::snka:(or :d::snkb: depending on if they’re more to the left/right of the screen),
then immediately mash the same button you hit (:snka: or :snkb:) and it will combo right into the the other arm’s punch,
and from there you can just juggle your opponent by alternating punches (:snka:,:snkb:,:snka:,:snkb:, etc),
just pause a little more than half a second in between each punch.
Unless they’re blocking immediately after they land from the :u::snka:swipe, this will always work.

I thought you needed at least the full 3 bars to charge up the C-beam since that’s how long it takes to come out, but you can activate it at the last second if you want… So I was just playing a CPU and I realized that you can just end the constant juggling with it… That’s absolutely ridiculous damage…



(activated at lvl5) -> Jab-Juggle ‘Infinite’ ->


Beam = about 80% on Chun…**
^not that you’ll ever pull off the beam part on anyone that knows how to jump up and hit you in the chest, but very effective on CPUs.
(probably takes 100% HP off Karas lol)

I’ve decided Ippatsuman+Casshern is my elite Tatsunoko team of awesomeness.
I won’t really get into it here, but they really compliment each other. (assists)


ippatsuman/ryu is solid

Anybody find any uses for ippatsuman’s assist when using ryu?

Ippatsuman’s j.B/IAD B is really great for air to air and crossing over. The hitbox is pretty wide on it, so cross overs come pretty easy.

also found some uses for his “pyscho crusher” today. It’s possible to land it after a ippatsuman/ryu duo super (baseball bat super and shinku hadouken). Timing is strict but its possible. Also if you land that duo in the corner at point blank range you can just 5B (2 hits), 6B (launch), air combo of choice.


5B, 5C, 236+A xxx 63214 + AB


5B, 5C, 236+A, short pause, DP+AB

may be able to punish attacks from a distance with
Pyscho crusherXXXBBQ, 5B, 6B, air combo


Anyone using Gyakuten-Oh! (his mecha)? XD


^his lvl3 is really good since it has instant startup that guarantees damage on yr opponent no matter where you/they are on the screen.

I just today realized how good Ippatsuman’s :d::snkc: sweep is too.
I never really used it at all, but now I’m mixing it into my ground offense.
It can be linked into his :dp::2p:, but the timing is more strict than say,
linking it from (charge):l:->:r::snkc: which knocks yr opponent into the air a bit higher.
The other option for a followup after :d::snkc: is :dp::snkc: or :qcb::snkc:

I’m pretty sure :qcb::snkc: hits otg as well.

Ippatsuman is so good wtf


On a related note… can I suggest for a title for the thread?

It’s taken from his opening: [media=youtube]FWXJqCvqAKU&fmt=18[/media]

PA! PA! PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA! Ippatsuman!


It is good, but it doesnt guarantee damage. It can be avoided, and with practice im sure many players will be getting through it with minimal or no damage.


I’ve been playing casuals a lot in NYC, and yes the players up here already have me not wanting to waste meter for lvl3

All he needs is his unscale, really


Yeah, to be honest I would only use it as a last resort, but I do think it’s a good lvl3.
It does guarantee damage as long as you land one hit.
(which isn’t hard with the unblockable :u::snka:)
If you want to be safe, only use the unblockable lower swipe.
Once you hit them once just do it again as your opponent rolls/gets up and repeat.
It’s not a legit combo like if you juggle them with the mech’s punches,
but it does work & it’s just as strong. I can always get 3 hits in (at least) usually 4


Oh but it is! The unblockable is very telegraphed, and easily super jumped. If they do the B version, you just stand still. Its quite easy to see what he is about to do.


Ippatsuman seems to really work best in the air IMO. Since you finish whatever combo and get an unscaled :dp::2p:. Worst case scenario is they burst and you waste 1 bar to their 2. Most characters seem to do the best damage staying on the ground (from what I’ve seen), but I do much more from aerial combos with Ippatsuman.

He’s also a very safe character since he can :qcf::snka: away from failed combos. A good character, if any, to play short handed.

I had an interesting idea to extend his comboability a little bit but need someone more experienced with the engine and a little more skilled than I am to help me see if its practical. The idea is not ending the combo with :snkc: and a launch or super. Instead you :qcf::snka:, assist(I’ve been using Ken), :l:~:r::snkb:… then find some way to continue… It starts a bounce and pushes the opponent back, so I’m wondering if a baroque there could go into a launch or a super or any other way to keep the attack alive. I’ve messed with it a little bit, but I can’t seem to figure out how to keep it going, I’ve tried baroque before hitting with the :l:~:r::snkb: and continuing a new combo from there but I normally end up a little farther away or hitting them with it on accident, causing them to move too far away to continue. It does work better in the corner (like so many other combos), but I don’t want it restricted to the corner if possible. Any good kids wanna give it a whirl and let me know what you come up with?

The full combo in question is:

  1. :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:d::snkb:,:snkc:,:qcf::snka:(start charging :l:),assist,:l:~:r::snkb:,…
  2. ???
  3. profit

Edit: “Getting to 3rd base with Ippatsuman?”


I found Ippatsuman surprisingly solid. One of the better characters no doubt. Who do you guys pair with him for the best team?

Also, the lvl3 super will spell trouble for Lightan and PTX, I think. Wonder if there’s a way out.


So far i find Ryu to be his best partner. Great for extending combo’s, helping him get in, and has a descent duo with him.

After b-f+B immediately BBQ, 5B (2hits), 6B, Air combo of choice

corner/near corner
After b-f+B immediately BBQ, 5B (2hits), 5C, 236+A, Slight pause (for unscaled super), dp+AB

You can also use b-f+C to punish things fullscreen like a blocked tekkaman’s beam super. Then of course BBQ to a combo listed above.

You can also use the b-f+C to extend the combo after a successful 63214+AB+D (Ippat/Ryu duo) Timing is strict but it’s there

thanks for mentioning that. Today i made a pretty good find.

in the corner

long combo of choice, 3C, sj., a,a,b,b, dj., b,c, land, 214+C (OTG), BBQ, sj, a,a,b, dj., b,c land, 214+C (OTG), dp+AB.

*BBQ halfway through the 214+C animation

basically BBQing off of the OTG to get a relaunch. I didnt have enough time to mess with it more but i think if you had an assist like chun or rock you may be able to assist during the 2nd 214+C then j. B,C land, 214+C again

anyone please feel free to help me expand on this idea

  • anybody else notice/use his dashing DP? its the same as his normal DP but when done in a dash it goes diagonally and full screen