Insert Witty Tourney Name Here results (3/1, Chas, SC)


EDIT: Adding 4th - first tie positions. If ya’ll want brackets, I can try getting them up.

For results/props/shout outs for the Tekken series, goto TZ. For VF4 results, goto VFDC.

A3, ST, 3S, and GGXX were cancelled due to lack of participants.

1st: Exodus777 (Durham, NC)
2nd: IceNinja (Durham, NC)
3rd: thevietchamp (Savannah, GA)
4th: DarkCow (Goose Creek, SC)
5th: Tigerstile (Raleigh, NC)
5th: The Grrreatest (Charleston, SC)

1st: IceNinja (Durham, NC)
2nd: DarkCow (Goose Creek, SC)
3rd: Meesta-Spa’kles (Charleston, SC)
4th: Farseer01 (Charleston, SC)
5th: ilikebeingalive (Charleston, SC)
5th: Gohan (Mount Pleasant, SC)


damn shaun/wayne!

way to rep nc baby :smiley:


Props time!

Meesta-Spa’kles: Sucks that you had to leave early to work bo. We’ll have to get you and IceNinja to face off again to see if you coulda taken it. Good job on 3rd place still.

IceNinja: Damn dude… you reset me and everyone else like we were a rickety old NES. Awesome rush down. You took it home in almost all the games it seems. You were in the finals for three of the games. Jesus. Was great to have you and your bro. Speaking of…

Exodus777: Dayum! CvS2 skillz out the yinyang :cool:. Congratz on taking it home and keeping IceNinja from taking even more money from everyone.

SC Crew: DC, awesome, teeth grinding finals. I thought you had it dude, but IceNinja wouldn’t stay down. Would love to see a rematch. Chi, Stevie, and AJ, nothing is the same with you three there. Nothing but mad trash talking and assist buttons of fire. Good stuff, good stuff. TheGrrreatest, wish you coulda stayed for T4 bo. You put up a valiant fight in CvS2 against IceNinja and thevietchamp. Congratz on top 5.


what a great tourney:p …

But i got issues to setting with ilikebeingalive. i am the true 5 th place holder for mvc2 and i belive we should have a grudge match to show who the real 5th placer is… hehe

too bad my stick had to bail on me when i played you…* dam jab and rundhouse… i can’t do lanchers or air combos…*

… but now it works

But anyways mad props to iceninja’s mad rush down crazy :smiley: can’t wait till i can watch the vids that were taken of you:evil:


sups people. i managed to record about 30min of the finals of mvc2. i plan on capturing them as soon as i can find time to. also thinking about making vhs for whoever wants one. hit me up on AIM: e2ceem and we’ll work something out. good games guys hope to see u all in the future.
where did ggxx go? lol


Word Shaun fucked em up. Man you are getting good in mvc2. Congrats!!!



Hey Guys!

Well the drive back to N.C. was sorta mind numbing but we made it back ok. Just wanted to give more shouts out to the awsome Charlston( and the surrounding areas best in fighting games)crew, you guys are the best. Well…I guess it’s time to be my brothers punching bag in MvC2, AGAIN…sniff…sniff…:frowning: …arghhhh…arghhhh:mad: , Hmmmmmm lets see if he want’s to play CvS2…:stuck_out_tongue: . Yes I am the Ice Ninja destroyer ha ha ha ha ha …HA HA HA HA H AH AH AH AHA AH AHA …uhhhhhhhh. OK Gotta go I’ll keep in touch with you guys for sure.


Thx Chris Chi,AJ and Paul for giving them a good fight, maybe I’ll come next time, and i’ll bring Nasir too. Way to go Charleston:cool:


Hey what teams did everybody use? Can someone list them.


I used Felicia/Storm/Cammy and Cable/Sentinel/Captain Commando. Not sure who used what. I know AJ used Cable/Sentinel/Capcom as well.

Working on getting brackets posted.


Hey, congrats Shaun and Wayne. Way to rep guys!



1st: IceNinja (Durham, NC)
MSP, Storm/Cable/Cyke, Storm/Sent/Cable…something like that
2nd: DarkCow (Goose Creek, SC)
Cable/Sent/Cyke, Cable/Sent/CapCom, Storm/Sent/Cable
3rd: Meesta-Spa’kles (Charleston, SC)
Jin/Rogue/Cable, Rogue/Sent/Cable
4th: Farseer01 (Charleston, SC)
5th: ilikebeingalive (Charleston, SC)
Cable/Sent/CapCom, Cable/Sent/Cyke, Storm/Sent/Cable
5th: Gohan (Mount Pleasant, SC)

lots of tier one…except for that crazy rogue and jin

good shit watching iceninja rushdown…bringing the magnus at the crowd’s request

iceninja = too fast

teach me to triangle dash with storms roundhouse…it always comes out weird for me…

good tournament…maybe next time…

i > gohan


good memeory Chi. who was the guy that came in third? might of played him before



the guy you were talking shit about and claim to be better than…everyone’s favorite “kenny”…whose out to get you y2joe



It appears that someone has stolen my Dreamcast.

I placed it in my bag with my PS2 after the tournament and took it with me to Kenny’s for the after party. I never removed it from the bag, but I was told that it was taken out and played while there, which I have no problem with. I took Jerky to the airport the next day and came back and got my stuff, but I forgot the bag with the systems in it overnight Sunday. I picked them up Monday, and checked them today to see that only the PS2 was in there. The Dreamcast isn’t in my room, at Steve’s, the hotel, or at Kenny’s.

If somebody accidentally (or purposely) took the system, please contact me so it can be returned


Sorry bout that josh, ill help you look for it. Or maybe ill give you my extra dreamcast for 10$ It still runs great


that tourney was fun as hell.

iceninja pretty much made a srcub outta me. the game felt so fast in the finals that i just kept doing random supers and throwing out rocket punches like an A1 scrub. lol. but it was still fun. hopefully next time i can keep it together during the shaun beatings.