Insertable Artwork into hori EX-SE

I’ve heard talk about pushbuttons that have opens to allow artwork to be inserted into them. I’ve got plans for an amazing custom Venom arcade stick and I was wondering if getting these buttons were possible for the Hori EX-SE. But seeing as this is my first time modding a stick, I have a few additional questions. Such as: A) Will I be able to use anything but Seimitsu buttons? B) Are there any that allow glowing LED or would I have to further mod? C) What kind of buttons allow artwork inserts, and where can I buy them?

I’ve checked here (pretty sure I’m working with 30mm) but none of them really indicate the feature I’m looking for.

You’re working with 30mm pushbuttons for sure

They’re going to feel different from sanwas but it looks like you’re using an SE hori stick so you’re probably used to seimitsu buttons for now. To answer question a, you’re going to have to use seimitsu buttons, however you can make them feel like sanwas with the skeleton pushbuttons being reproduced. These buttons can take sanwa microswitches making them feel like a sanwa button but have the pretty look of a semitsu button. You can use sanwas with art inserts but the buttons are so rare and so are expensive as hell (last time we saw them was 6 buttons going for 150).

To answer question b, you have to mod your buttons further either normally with 5mm LED’s or using a board insert like a KNinserts or arc eyes. This will require you to drill your buttons and do additional wiring.

For button art, if I remember right, the inserts for seimitsu buttons with art inserts are about 20-ish mm You can print them out yourself along with the art you print out.

Thanks, that’s very expensive for Sanwa buttons. I definitely won’t be going with those. Where can I buy Seimitsu that allow artwork inserts?


If you like the Sanwa button feel, but want buttons that you can add LEDs or insert artwork into, check these out:

Rollie “Asian Style” 30mm Snap-In Pushbuttons TRANSLUCENT

The buttons don’t come with Sanwa microswitches by default, but they can be easily swapped in when purchased separately:
SANWA SW68 Microswitch