Inserting plunger into button?

I want to buy 8 red buttons to customize my arcade stick but I want the screw in type buttons. My TE fightstick uses the push in buttons.
I want to mix my buttons so the plunger is white and the side is red. Will this work if I buy the screw in buttons or do I have to buy the push in ones?
also how do you remove the plunger from the button and put it in?
I have not bought anything yet and this will be my first time so it might be self explanatory but as of right now I have no idea. Any info or videos out there would help out. thanks

The plunger clips in and out and can be used for either push in or screw in buttons.

TEs can use screw in buttons but, it’s a tight fit and you might have to put the nut in then screw the button into the nut rather than putting the button in then screwing the nut in. If that makes sense.

You can mix Plunger of OBSF-30 and OBSN-30 to Body of OBSF-30 and OBSN-30.
The Plungers are same for both OBSF-30 and OBSN-30.

I link you to this.

But the pictures are down.

I link you to this.
But is not for swapping Plungers.

But it does show removal.

After taking the buttons in and out several times on my TE (PS-14-KN) I finally got tired of the one button that did not have room to turn the nut on the bottom side due to the metal mounting plate for the joystick. About 30 seconds with a cut off wheel on my dremel and took just the corner of that mounting plate off and now I can take it off/on with no issues. I think this is faster/better than the alternative of trying to turn the button or sanding down the nut ring.

As for getting the plungers in/out I just used a small flat head precision screwdriver and it was not hard.

so if I didnt want to do any soldiering it would be best to just get the push in ones huh? I saw a youtube video where the guy said the screw in ones are better so I was going based on that. which works best for the TE version if I plan to buy the bezel plexi and art from

If you’re using Seimitsu screw ins, you can simply slide the nut under the mounting bracket.

ill be using sanwa since I dont know how the seimitsu buttons feel