Inside Dust Washer in a TE

How important is the inside Dust Washer on the TE? I some how lost my dust washer today when I was switching tops. So I was thinking about taking the inside dust washer and using it as a regular dust waster until I can get another.

its just to keep stuff out of the assembly. You’ll be fine for a bit if you use it up top, they’re the same dust washer.

I have a question, i tried using two dust washers, one above and one below in my wooden case, but that just makes the jlf stiff. (i assume because there is friction between the below dust wash and wood panel. So do people with wood cases use a second dustwasher underneath or no?

Wooden cases are non standard.
Its good practice to keep the second dust washer there, but in some cases, you may not have given yourself enough space for it.

I don’t on custom cases. I think the second dust washer would be important in an arcade environment where tons of stuff could get in there( ashes, soda, crumbs, etc). But a stick you use at home prolly does’nt get that kind of abuse. You should be good.

You don’t need it.

And second Dust Disc can only be used when there is Mounting Bracket like in Tournament Edition.

Or if Joystick is mounted like in the old mounting of QCF Gaming Case.

Get it back. Mucho importante!!!

i see, so there must be a hollow space so the second dustwasher can move freely, thanks. If i can ill put one for more protection

Yeah i had to omit it from the cases i make, i mount from the bottom and it caused the bolts holding the plate and stick to come loose over time.