"Inside EVOlution 2004" Documentary (NOW STREAMING!)



My name is Shankar and some of you might know me from the documentary I did 5 years ago called “Inside EVOlution 2004”.


I recently went back and re-edited the whole thing. I felt it was a bit too long and a couple of typo’s had to get fixed, so I went back in the lab and cut about 15 minutes from the original limited edition release. It’s basically the same version just a little bit tighter, so it flows better.

I’m aware that not a lot of people got the chance to see it since I only sold about 50 copies of the DVD at one of the EVO’s, and I know people have been asking me for years when it would be put out. It’s a very personal project for me since I love this community just as much as the rest of you guys, and I wanted to make a film that captured the whole EVO experience… so for the fifth anniversary I wanted to be able to share this with the rest of you.

Inside EVOlution 2004
Dir. Shankar Tablada
Afro Cole, Alex Valle, Apoc, B’More Chun, Buktooth, David Sirlin, Dave Sparatik, Declan, Dr. B & OCV Crew, Eddie Lee, Eric Lee, Henry Cen, Isaac Graham, Jesse Howard, John Choi, Josh Wigfall, Josh Wong, Justin Wong, Kim-Hahn Hoang, Kindevu, Lifetime Boy, Mester, Shady K, Shirts, Som D, Takayuki, Tragic, Tom & Tony Cannon, Vanessie & others…

Enjoy and please support if you can, thanks!



hell no. sike. hell yes! DOO IIIIT!


It seems really dark, is the DVD dark too?


I don’t think the doc is ‘dark’… I just made the trailer kinda suspenseful that way… and what dvd?


Naw, man dark as in visually. You can hardly see the faces sometimes.
The contrast


oh… nah, for some reason the trailer just looks that way. It’s also out of sync…


Oh shit finally son!! Apart from releasing it online can you also make a DVD of it? You still owe me :wgrin:


Yes yes and yes. I would definitely buy a copy of this if you release it on dvd or pay to download type thing. I’ve always wanted to see this but never got the chance.



As of right now, I’m only going to release it online… maybe I’ll make some dvd’s down the line…


I would definately buy the dvd of this.


I’d buy it.

Seems very interesting and a great way to get hype for it as well.

-EX :cool:


I’d Buy it.

Get some DVD’s.


“This video is not available in your country.”


YES man, do it uuup! :tup:




I’d get in contact with one of the people who manage the main page of SRK, throw that shit up on youtube or something… that’d be pretty cool.


That would be awesome.


Awesome…where do I sign up for a copy?


I would def. buy a copy of a DVD.
That Evo was awesome.


Jaw-some !!!

I’m dying to see this documentary…it’s funny I swore it was Evo 2003. LOL. Props to SHANKAR for taking the time to re-release this for the SF / SRK Community. -DR.B