Inside EVOlution-Documentary @ EVO 2006?

I was wondering if anybody out there was interested viewing this documentary at EVO this year?

I shot it at EVO 2004… and it features some of the most charismatic personalities in the community.
I tried getting in touch with the Cannon’s, but it seems I can’t pm them… so I made this thread to find out if people want to see this?.. and if it’s possible to screen it at EVO this year?
It was screened for a small croud last year in Vegas, and it recieved good reviews mostly from the people that are in it. I was pleased with the some of the responses from Serlin, Cole, Apoc… and others. I think the rest of SRK will enjoy it aswell.

If you aren’t familiar with the documentary you can download the trailer here:;4140486;;/fileinfo.html

Thanks for your time and please vote:tup:

Shankar Tablada

im always more then willing to look at myself ho ho ho. So I say yes. That is if I looked all right on camera… Hrmm rubs chin

yes, very interested!

No question
Do the Doc at evo2006…

One question Shankar will you ever show the orginal Inside Evo ever again besides at evo like on DvD…

I would just like to start off by sending a shout out to SHANKAR for putting me in his documentary…and to ALL the players I have met and known over the years, and to those I have yet to meet and challenge…

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here is a link to my S GROOVE CHALLENGE thread…

funny how this thread turned from documentary to plugging/self promoting. Didn’t realize evo in general would acknowledge this.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^its funny how is Evo is that powerful^^^^^^^^^^^
Besides Dr.B is ill, can you say :s:-Groove holla…

working on it

Hell yeah I want to see this! I hope Evo showcases it maybe on Friday before it starts?

It’s interesting to see all sorts of people. Most don’t look like what you’d expect typical gameheads to look like.

When is this officially being released and where can we get it?

Why not premiere it at Evo and then sell the dvd there and give evo a 10% cut? It would be a great addition to Evo dvds as well to have Shankar cover this years’ Evo too:D

id really like to see this.

Gets at me at Evo ya’ll !!! Peace and see u there…Posted below is a new Interview from Tyram of the 707…

Dr.B interview

i want to see
evo to far
i buy copy

Shankar: Could you hit me up on myspace…I wanted to chat with u…

 - D R B

Thanks to everyone for voting. It means alot to me, to see people’s responses. It told me that there’s still people out there that want to see this. Once again thank you!!

I spoke with Tom at Evo east. I asked if it was possible to have a screening at evo world. He said that they already had other stuff planned to get screened. He said, he was gonna try and see what he could do.

With Evo World only a few weeks away, I honestly don’t think that my doc. will make the screening. I will still have it on me at evo. I will try and setup a screen still… it will probably be in someone’s room or something. I am also trying to get a couple of copies pressed on dvd. I’m not promising anything, but I will try to do my part.

Once again, thank you to all…


shankar, hope you get to show everyone your hard work and efforts. keep pursuing the cannons, im sure they will allow you to do something, and maybe if you send them a dvd so they can preview it and see how good it is, they will be more interested. just my thought on the subject, gl and hope to see it aswell.


i ve seen the preview some time ago…i cant be at evo but i ld like to watch it anyway…it ld be nice if u made a dvd copy or sth…and include some japanese players maybe too…

thanks watson. I sent Tom a copy of the documentary back in March. Seth called me and said that Tom needed footage of evo and my doc. had alot of it.
I already asked to include the doc. into the event… all I can do is wait and hope for the best.

so I’ve been getting alot of request’s for me to distribute this project. I have come to a conclussion.

How many people that wanna see this doc. are going to evo?.. I’m thinking about having some copies there for sale. I wanted to get a head count so I can see how many copies to bring. I’m thinking 10 bucks a piece should be ok for now.

…so, if you are going to evo world and would like to purchase this documentary… post on this thread and let me know you are intereted. I need a full name, that way I can reserve you a copy.

If you aren’t going to evo, but would like to purchase the doc. anyways… I will have something settup as soon as I get back from evo. It might be a little more, due to shipping and handlin.

…see you guys at evo…

Shankar Tablada