Inside EVOlution-Documentary premiere's at N.Y.I.I.F.F. (Nov. 10th-17th, 2005)

“Inside EVOlution” is a documentary about the biggest fighting videogame tournament in the US.

Inside EVO goes behind the scenes. See matches as well as Interviews with some some of the most charismatic personalities in our “Street Fighter” gaming scene. It takes place at EVO 2k4 in Pomona CA.

Jason Cole
Justin Wong
Eddie Lee
Henry Cen
David Sirlin
Alex Valle
Tonny Cannon
Josh Wigfall vs Reset
Josh Wong
Som D
B’More Chun
Dr. B & OCV crew
Mester vs Vanessie (hosted by Kindevu)
Sanford Kelly… and others…

Produced & Directed by
Shankar Tablada

This documentary will premiere at the ‘New York International Independent Film Festival’ on November 10th-17th 2005.
New York Screenings: Village East Cinemas 181 2nd Ave at 12th St. Clearview Cinemas 239 East 59th St between 2nd and 3rd Ave.

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy a documentary about the Street Fighter gaming community thru a gamer’s eye…

::Inside EVOlution Trailer::




pics of vanessie np np

i’d like to go :[

host this shit for wc

That’s awesome.

Damn you guys are fast. I just posted this like a min 1/2. ago…

tell us about how you made it please

I better be in this shit hahaha j/k i like to see it =D

I might go see it

ooo am i in this one?

Hells yes.

is this for real?

someone sneak a camera k thanks

Yes, too bad it’s too far…if this is true I’d love to see this.

I assure you

…this IS for real. This is NOT fake in any aspect.

This doc. was supposed to premiere at EVO 2k5, but didn’t because of time issues and prior commitment with “SF Generations” and “Bang the Machine”. You should all try to make it to NY for the premiere. That’s why I’m posting this 2 months in advance, to give people time to schedulle it in.

I’ll be there.


um, that wasn’t funny… :tdown:

Anyway I’ll be there Shankar. Good shit

Good stuff. Good way to contiune repping the fighting game community.

hey shankar, can you somehow get some viewings on the wc?

shankar, think u can bring me down wit yall?