Inside the Excruciatingly Slow Death of Internet Explorer 6


I got this article in my email this morning, and I thought it was interesting.


I don’t understand what I’m missing here. Isn’t IE free? Why would any business stick with an outdated version of software when they can just update it at no cost?


One reason might be IE6 (and even IE5) works with software or hardware specialized for company needs, so the company would have to upgrade more than just IE6 to stay operational.


updated does not always mean upgraded. look at windows vista to xp, ME to… anything.

all versions of IE have serious zero day exploits right now, iirc - so you shouldn’t be using it at all really.


Read the article dawg. There is a cost.


I wonder when my employer will move from IE6…I’m here at work right now, using this crusty browser.


It took years for my local Library to finally move on to IE8, in fact I took them till this year to do so. There like no excuse for that.


Pfft I got a disciplined for downloading firefox onto a company computer, and after trying to explain my reasons to the clueless individuals I was laid off for ignoring tech support guidelines (from 1995?), and I quote, “vandalising company property”. Salty bastards didn’t like being outsmarted by someone being paid less than them. But, six months later they lost half of their client data to a worm exploiting a IE security hole, karma is tasty.


Portable Firefox ftw.

Get a $10 junker thumb drive and put it on. Works wonders. Haven’t touched IE since.


“This Site is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 and above. The Netscape browser you are using is not supported.”

I use Firefox, this is the message I got from one of the website I have to visit at work everyday.
Time traveling man…


I hate Internet Explorer, any flavor of it.


wow and i thought my company was behind the times. We do a company wide upgrade of computers and software every 2 years. It sucks major balls…but atleast we aren’t using IE6


I find it ironic you post here with studiotraffic still in your sig. :razz:


I don’t upgrade the end users at my company to a newer IE because our business web applications work best on IE 6. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is with a lot of web applications that are made for company use.


Your username makes a lot of sense now.


I still haven’t upgraded my version of IE at home since IE7 took out FTP. I know you can just open an explorer window, but w/e, I like it that way.

However at work I use IE8 and its awesome. I’d rather use it for web development than Firefox.


My work computer uses that piece of shit and I can’t upgrade or change.