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Not sure if I should toss this over in the Video Discussion or keeping it here in General Discussion, but was wondering to know of any interesting documentaries that are rather entertaining while expressing concerns in a flaw system that we live under, or just an overall informative video that basically becomes an eye opener.

Dear Zachary: a letter to a son about his father, was a very interesting one, as it exploits the errors within the justice court system with a very, very tragic back story regarding the death of Andrew and his child being raised by the murderer. Very interesting tale among the family cooping with this and with a very surprising end, however this documentary will make you very angry so caution when watching it.

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Another video that was actually more of an eye opener to me, was a video called The Union: The business behind getting high, which was both sad and humorist while discussing the matters of legalizing pot. Though, the documentary is less about the “health hazards” and more about how people are making more money off it by keeping it illegal. Watch it now.

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Upon running into these documentaries, I was curious to know if there was some highly recommended docs to watch that are also considered very well done, insightful, and entertaining. I’ve ran into a few of a them, and the ones that stick out the most to me are these two, and a 3rd one about children trafficking among the US (I forget the name of it so no link). Though, I was wondering what can be recommend here among you guys about some interesting documentaries.


Nice thread. Check out Century of The Self. It’s an eye-opening look at at everything that you know in the world. Seriously. :tup:


Guys and Dolls is a humorous, feel good documentary that will make you feel better about your life.


Do you find some music eerily similar to another? This video shows you why and how that is, and it also explores the concept of intellectual property since its inception until now, and it explains what this phenomenon holds for us in the future.


Anything posted here, I’m basically gonna put it on my list of docs I’ll be watching this or next week.

Anything with music is a huge plus for me.

Another interesting one, is a movie based on America’s education called “Waiting for Superman”

What I find funny about this one, is that I thought it was the norm for schools to be shitty. Coming from a shitty public school, I can relate to the horrors of what it is like being brought up by one of these schools. What makes this more humorist is how they point out certain patterns that most people may recognize. For those who ran into this; ever wonder why you see the same teacher at different schools as you continue to advance on your grades? Heh, well that doc explains why.


I dunno if Pulling John is still on NF, but that was a cool doc on competitive arm wrestling, which is something I generally would have no interest in.


I want to watch Being Ginger, as it’s relevant to my interests. Except I’ve already found love. But I am a ginger.



American Hardcore:


BBC - Secrets of Scientology


BBC - Louis Theroux Americas Most Hated Family In Crisis


BBC - Secret War on Terror


Vice - Boy Racer


Vice - UK Scariest Debt Collector


Los Zeta Drug Cartel (NSFW)


Never finished watching this one, I almost became physically sick.


Big fan of ‘Waiting for Superman’ documentary- highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet.

I’m waiting for Divorce Corp documentary to arrive in Netflix. Looks interesting.


I’ve watched my fair share of pro wrestling documentaries and my favorites have been…

Card Subject to Change - focused primarily on the independent circuit and backyard fuckers
Rise and Fall of WCW - self explanatory


Netflix used to have some good documentaries, I don’t know about now though. I used to watch all the wrestling documentaries (both good and bad) on Netflix to help me fall asleep and take a nap. There was this L.A.R.P.'ing documentary that was pretty funny for all the wrong reasons, forgot the name of it though.

P.S. I’m pretty sure most people on SRK have seen “King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters” but just in case you haven’t seen it, go watch it.


I Am Bruce Lee


Documentary talks how much of an influence Bruce Lee still has on pop culture today

America’s Hardest Prisons - Pelican Bay


10 Ways to End the World



This Movie Has Not Been Rated is a pretty solid title for those who haven’t seen it, about the bullshit that is the MPAA. I’m sure most here have by now, though.

Under Your Skin is an insightful piece about the downplaying of the severity of Lyme Disease infection, as well as the means for certain organizations to suppress doctors from diagnosing and treating it properly.


This thread is going to turn into New World Order / Illuminati conspiracy shit…aka nutjobs.


A great non-conspiracy, off the wall doc is “Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure”



Also of course for some serious inspiration watch “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”




Call me a bitch but this shit made me legit cry for a good ten minutes (no homo).

Not a documentary but I thought it was worth sharing.



Can’t embed it because I there’s a couple of unsimulated sex scenes.


“I Think We’re Alone Now”, a documentary about two huge weirdos that are obsessed with 80’s pop star Tiffany. It’s on Netflix and it is really weird.


Part 1 is also there, I think.