Inspired from jeff...well sorta

After seeing his top ten list, and talking about my newest av…it got me thinking. What are the top 10 Frankdadank quotes? Now most ppl that know me outside of srk know I say some off the wall shit. But honestly what is the best quote you can think of that i’ve said? It could be from AIM, on here, in real life, in super joe’s face whatever you remember. Plus it’ll be a good laugh cause I can’t remember most of the quotes i’ve said. I’ll start off with the one in my av to get things going:

“What you got condoms for, you ain’t fuckin!”

response to finding a gang of condoms in one of my friends rooms. His name will remain opted out, but if you know and post who it is…well i can’t really do shit about it can I.

WOW! thats fucked up dawg