Install competition in HRAP3


Hello friends,

I want to install the competition stick in my HRAP3. Anyone in here have experience with competition stick can provide me some steps and what hardware I will need? Also, will the iL 8-Way Eurojoystick be better? Many thanks!


You will need to add to the base of the HRAP3 to install a Competition to make the depth bigger. The depth I think needs to be something like 3 inches but you will have to double check that. Also you will need a drill to make mounting holes.

I recommend the IL. It’s the stick that Happ used to sell before they went the cheap china route and changed the parts.


Alternatively, if you want an American-style feel without doing heavy modding to the case, get a Seimitsu LS-56-01 with a MS mounting plate, Sanwa bat top, and a Seimitsu octagonal gate. It’s pretty much a mini-Happ at that point (the LS-56 is a very tight stick), and will fit without any issues in a HRAP3.