Installing a fan on a TE2+


So when I play SF5 my hands get sweaty. I’ve found that pointing a small desk fan on top of the arcade stick helps combat this. Has anyone ever heard of a way to actually attach a fan to the TE2+ so you can take it with you wherever? I would imagine it’d have to be a battery powered fan. Lemme know. Thanks.


OP doesn’t remember

Simple solution:

-buy a mini fan
-plug it in to the nearest outlet.
-place mini fan in front of your stick
-turn on to desired fan strength


If you don’t mind doing a little modding, pickup a USB fan from ebay or wherever, mount it on the stick and then wire it in to the USB connector (inside the stick) so it uses the PC/consoles power.

If you want to be even more clever, install a plug/socket so you can disconnect the fan when you’re not using or don’t need it.


Sounds like a good idea. If I don’t think I can do it maybe VickoMods can. Thanks dude!