Installing a korean crown 303-fk into a Hori RAP v3 SA Kai. Easy swap?


Finally decided to make the move and start using asian sticks, leaving my good old mas systems buddy behind. I decided to buy the hori kai version because I like the extra space from the stick to the buttons, and because I think it has more weight than a madcatz fightstick pro. My question is if its possible to switch the stock sanwa stick with a 303-fk, and if so, how easy it is to do. Ive seen plenty of tutorials about modding madcatz fightsticks but not much with horis latest rap sticks.
By the way, I also want to try changing the springs in order to make the sanwa and crown sticks feel stiffer. Which springs should you recommend me trying that will fit perfectly in these sticks?
Thanks in advance.


Yes the Crown 303-fk will install fine. You will either need a wire harness adapter or to re-do the joystick’s wiring.
For the Sanwa JLF, Paradise arcade shop sells JLF springs at various strengths. As for what spring to use? Thats up to you. Springs are kinda cheap so I saw buy a few and try what ones you think works the best with you.


Also, check your local tire shop and ask for stick on wheel weights to add weight to any stick. I’ve been able to get them cheap to free and it really works.