Installing a MC Cthulu in a Wii TvC Madcatz stick


So I picked up one of the Wii Madcatz sticks. I want to install a MC Cthulu in it for PS3/PS2/GCN support; is there anything I need to know about the Wii sticks that would be different from the information in this thread?


The Wii TvC stick doesn’t use USB, it has a connector to plug into the Wii Remote, so I’m very curious to see how this project goes.


Yeah, i’m hoping to leave that functionality in, I don’t see why I would have to cut it.


That controller registers like a classic controller into a wii remote. I don’t know if anyone here has a pinout diagram for a classic controller, but having that pinout would be key for wiring the cord to go from the USB out on the board to the controller connector. Otherwise, you would want to use the game cube line and run it to the USB port on the board.

Which consoles do you plan on using this stick on?


PS3/PS2/GCN/PC would be ideal.

I have a Classic Controller -> GCN controller adapter. It doesn’t work so I don’t use it, but if I opened it up it would show me how the Classic Controller corresponds to a Gamecube controller’s inputs, right?


If PS3/PS2/GCN/PC is ideal, why not just use the MC by itself or in place of the existing board? :slight_smile: The MC does all of that and more.

IF the TvC pcb is common ground, then dualing it with an MC is the same as anything else; connect the power lines together, ground lines together, and button/direction signal lines together. That’s it.


I’ve considered using just the cthulu board, bur I’d like to leave the wii functionality in if at all possible. I guess it’s time to open this thing up again haha.


MarkMan put the 30% offer on the gameshark store on the TvC sticks too, so I picked one up. As soon as I get mine, I’ll crack it open and see if I can provide any assistance.


Any progress Lan_Di? I got mine on Tuesday, but haven’t cracked it open yet.