Installing a Myoungshin Fanta stick Into a HRAP SA VX

is this posibble? i mean, will it fit? and what else besides the stick and the 5-pin to QD Conversion Harness i need to buy?

something to drill a 22mm hole with

Possible yes, practical, no. You’d have to find out the exact dimensions of the fanta compared to the body of the HRAP to see if it would even fit; the fantas are pretty tall, and I don’t remember the HRAP SAs being very large.
What El Greco is alluding to is that you’d have to drill the actual hole where your shaft currently is to be significantly larger since the fantas have that part that sticks out of the body of your arcade stick. The big deal with trying to mount a fanta to a Japanese case is the mounting plate. You’ll either have to drill the fanta directly into the top portion of the case or fix it to the HRAP some other way, because it simply won’t attach to the metal plate attached to your HRAP that your JLF is currently attached to. The dimensions and placement of the screws are different.

Alternatively you could get one of the CWJ-303A Korean sticks from Etokki, which will fit in a JLF ready stick and match up with the mounting plate. I don’t have any experience playing on a Myoungshin, but I do have a CWJ-303A and it feels like the descriptions of Korean sticks that you read. Apparently the new style Crowns are being used on the new TTT2 cabs in Korea, so they’re Korea approved. Personally I’m selling mine, I just never got used to it.