Installing a myounshin fanta on a!

Have no clue on how this process goes lol usually I got a couple buddies that would know what to do but I’m on vacation and I wanna get used to this stick asap, so I was wondering if there’s any soldering involve and what exactly needs to be done. Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for any info/help that you guys give :china:

To answer your questions:

  1. Firstly, I don’t believe the TE has enough depth to mount a Fanta in. K-sticks need more clearance for the mount so that the stick can sit flush because of the taller stick base, while the parts below the mounting plate are roughly the same size as a Seimitsu, if not a little more deep. So it turns into trying to fit a portly man into a Mazda Miata.

  2. If you were able to have enough depth to mount it, you will have to widen the hole that the shaft comes out in the TE to accomodate the Fanta’s wide base. The base has to sit flush or slightly protrude (based on your preference) from the hole, because the shaft has barely enough clearance past the base. If the base was underneath the hole, your range of motion would be limited by the battop hitting the panel.

  3. If you were to have or want to have the base sit flush with the panel, you would need to make major modifications to the mounting brackets to put more distance between the mounting brackets and the panel. Moreover, you might have to do modifications to the mounting brackets anyway, as I’m fairly sure a K-stick won’t fit a Japanese style mounting bracket, due to different mounting standards.

  4. If you overcame all these obstacles, soldering would have to be done, as the Myoungshin doesn’t have a PCB or a harness connector like the JLF or the LS-32-01. So you will have to cut off the wiring harness on the wires, then solder the wires directly to the stick, and then also daisy chain the grounds across each direction.

Honestly, #4 is the least of your problems. To do this mod, IMO you’re going to need welding skills, a drill bit to put a larger hole in the place of the current joystick hole, and probably a modified base for the TE (Maybe with spacers between the two pieces). No easy mod at all.

I’d suggest either getting a Korean-style case built, building one yourself (As I think it would be easier than modding this), or buying a ready-made one (wooden or Saulabi) from Play-Asia or eTokki.