Installing a Neutrik USB on to a Paewang Revolution?

I’ve never done any serious modding like this but i want to try soon the Paewang seems easy enough to do by it self, but i dont want that crap cable hanging out the back.

Is there any guide anywhere preferably video ?

Honestly its not that hard. You get a circle cutter drill thing (that’s a technical term) and you cut the hole. Use a 24mm or 15/16 inch cutter and you can sand the edges if the hole is too small. After you put the neutrik in, you drill two tiny guide holes so you can put some screws in.

I ment wiring it to the PCB, sorry if i was unclear. I can see the title is a bit stupid and misleading.

That is even easier.

Desolder the USB cable.
Cut it shorter to length to reach Neutrik USB.
Solder back on the shortened USB cable to PCB.

That is all.

Plug the USB A into Neutrik after installing the Neutrik.

LOL jdm if your here i assume your done with my Neutrik/PCB install on that bebop stick…=P

Thanks for the info, I guess if i figure wiring the PCB is easy then the neurtik must be a breeze, i just couldn’t find anything on it and when you buy one it doesnt come with anything…so sounds easy enough now i just have to build up the nerve to ruin (Or Successively mod) an SE. =D

Oh, you are him!

When using the Neutrik USB, make it so that the USB A is on inside, and USB B is outside.
There are screws which let you change it like that.

For soldering the USB, remember where the colored wires go.
It goes Red then White then Green then Black then Black.

What is the purpose of this mod? What are the pros to having a Neutrik vs USB. I’m sure this is a noob question but I will post it anyway.

Standard setup = USB cable permanently attached to the casing, and just hanging out there.
Neutrik setup = instead of a fixed cable, a USB pass-through is installed on the casing so that the external cable can be removed for easier transport/storage/aesthetics.

Neutrix is just a brand name.

A Neutrix USB pass-though is an easy way to install a USB B port on a device for example an arcade joystick.
Some people prefer a cable that can disconnect easly, and put aside for storage or travel, and the cord is easier to replace as the case dose not have to be open a 2nd time. Also a Neutrix RJ45 pass-though are great for sticks with a MC Cthulhu or Kitty installed as it allows for controller cables that are not USB.

Thanks for the quick response. Interesting. It might be worth doing.

I know im super late but…

Like said above instead of a wire hanging out, with a Neutrix the top will look like the stick in this link. The one whole at the top that isn’t a button is where you plug the second links item into. Good for traveling and leaving your showiest stick out with out a mess. =P


And you would have to get one of these:

Since posting this question I’ve already ordered & received all my parts and drilled my whole/painted my case/Printed my art ill post up pics when the sticks modding is done.

Actually I have 2 questions about my current project…(Ful Mod on an MadCatz SE)

When the PCB comes you have 5 wires Red, White, Green, Black, Black

I dunno if you can tell but my 2.0 Wire that i chopped up only has 4 wires the colored and one Black, i wired it up anyways and it looks like this.

Does it matter which slot I put the black wire on as long as it is in the spot that one of the other ones would have been?

Question 2 is When i use the old PCB and wire the home and turbo, can i use any ground on the board since its all common? Will it still deliver power or should I put the ground wire up where the USB is coming out.


Lmfao i just noticed i wired it wrong well ill fix that but any who…same questions stand.