Installing a PS2 PCB alongside a Cthulhu


What would be the most expedient way to install a PS2 pad PCB alongside a MC Cthluhu board? I did a number on the top row of connectors while I was trying to re-solder a PS2 cable onto my Cthluhu, but the other cables I have attached to it work fine so I just need to get PS2 functionality back. Also, is there a (cheap) preferred PS2 PCB for purposes like that? Thanks!


First party ps2 pads aren’t common ground, so it won’t work. If you have a first party DS1 pad, then that would work.

However, why would you want to put a ps2 pad with an MCthulhu when it can already emulate PS2 on the board. All you’d need is a playstation 1/2 cable and follow the pinouts on the instructable.

edit: oh laugh i really have to read the full post, On the newer mcthulhu boards, you can put playstation cables on any of the 3 sections. Or if you really need to, just make an RJ45 mod so you can use only one row but as many cables for your console as you’d want.


The RJ-45 jack I’ve found is the most elegant solution for multi-console cables.

Unfortunately, the pass-through jack is the most expensive thing to buy after the MC Cthulu itself! Still, it’s a third of what PS2 pads sell for now.

Best online deals I’ve seen for RJ-45 passthrough jacks are ~ $7.19 for the regular silver metal version and ~$7.80 for the all-black version. Yeah, I never understood why the price difference exists but it’s there!

Some of these deals are worth going after if you have in process 4-5 MC Cthulu mods or just want to have a way to reuse snagged cords (outer insulation broken, wiring snapped or frayed to heck; common with PS2 joysticks put into tight boxes like the American T5 box) without having to replace the original PCB. You can salvage the remainder of the undamaged cord connection use the -45 jack (after cutting a hole to secure it onto the case) to get the remaining cable reconnected to the PS2 PCB. You just cut off and throw small section of frayed wiring…