Installing a Ps360+ and something went wrong somewhere


I think my xbox PCB went out on my TE Round 2 so I purchased a PS360+ as a replacement. My stick was already modded (Thanks duckie) with an RJ45 jack so it seems I needed to just cut the harnesses and plug them into the Ps360+. I followedthis guide for installation. The joystick part was hooked up fine but the buttons…not so fine. As it stands right now, the only button working correctly is the LB button. The Start button is also LB. None of the other buttons do anything when I press them UNLESS I happen to be holding down the LB or Start button in which case the following happens:

A = A (Light Kick)
X = Y and RB (Medium and Heavy Kick)
B = Y and RB (Medium and Heavy Kick)
Y = B (Medium Kick)
RB = Nothing Happens
RT = Nothing Happens
LT = Nothing Happens

If anyone has a diagram of the xbox TE’s button harness so I can see where I wired it wrong, I would appreciate it. Hoping to get this done today so I can get back to practicing for SCR this week.


The button distribution PCB is labeled on both the XBox 360 and PS3 versions of Mad Catz TE. SE, VS and Pro arcade sticks.


Thanks, but, uh…where? I see no labling and google isn’t really pulling up anything.


This is where I’m having the problem. The wires that go into the PS360+


Seems like you mixed the signal wires with the grounds.


See where all the button wires go to that black plastic thing?
Beside it being labeled for each button, if you pull that part out and remove the black plastic cover the PCB itself there is labeled and you can follow the traces.

There also these videos


Ah, that’s where they are labled. Thanks!


OK, got everything corrected. Thanks for the help.