Installing Eastern Languages on XP

I’ve got my windows xp here, but no disc, and when I go and try to install all the eastern languages so I can visit my favorite Japanese naughty websites, it requests that I place the disc in. this is disgruntling, where can I download the pack from the interwebs?

As an added bonus, you get +rep and a sweaty reacharound.


wikipedia has some help articles on how to install them so you can read the site in certain languages, give me a bit and i’ll dig up the links

edit: seems wikipedia’s instructions assume you have the CD too, so i did some digging on microsoft’s site and turned up this

it seems to require office or something, so gimme a shout if it works for you or not

Have you tried going to “Start” > Control Panel > Regional and Language Option > Languages tab > Checked “Install files for East Asian Languages” > OK? Did it still asked you for a CD?

I have a suggestion:

Open up “Windows Update” and there should be a language download under “Optional Software”. Make sure press the “Custom” button first. I hope that helps…

Oh wow, help came~! I’ll try out both suggested things :tup: If only I had Microsoft Office :frowning:

Yeah, it still asks me to get a CD.

How about downloading Windows XP SP2 from a torrent, burning the ISO onto a CD and using that to install the language pack? I know it’s shady but it isn’t like you’ll be installing an illegal version of XP on your HD… you’re just using it to install the east asian languages pack. I wouldn’t know if this would actually work though :frowning: