Installing IL Eurostick

I currently have a Tatsunoko VS Capcom fight stick, I bought the IL Eurojoystick, and was wondering if there are any additional wires I need to install it.

I’m not sure if the IL can fit in a TvC arcade stick.

I could make a harness to hold it in if it can’t fit. I’m just worried about the wiring because the pictures on Lizardlick don’t really show what looks like a connector.

The wiring should be easy, if the wires are long enough you just need to buy about 10-15 .187 quick disconnects and a 2 feet of wire. Cut the joystick harness off close to the joystick connector. Crimp on a quick disconnect to each direction. For the ground you will need todaisy chain itso that it has 4 connections.

The TvC stick is the same as an SE, and I think has about 2.25 inches of depth. The iL Eurostick needs about 2.5 inches of internal depth.
A few things need to be done.

You will have to drill holes in your top metal panel.

You will need to modify your bottom plate. One way would be to Drill a large hole under the joystick with a 2 inch holesaw for the bottom of the shaft for it to come out the bottom. Make a wooden frame underneath the bottom metal plate to extend the bottom.

You had better measure.

As much as i want the bat top that seems like too much work for me. I’m just going to buy a Seimitsu and the mounting plate for it.

You only need a bat top, and a GT-Y and or GT-C