Installing JLF Wiring Harness in SF SE Stick


So I just bought new parts for my SF4 SE stick and like it was mentioned the harness part was loose. So I glued it but then my inputs would be wacky, either not working UP or DOWN or working and then stop working. My JLF Sanwa stick came with a new wiring harness but im not too sure how to install it, and the new wiring harness doesnt ‘clip’ onto the sanwa stick either. I cant add pictures if my explanation is shit


you have to solder to the pcb if you want to use the harness that came with that JLF.

the alternative is to buy that harness on lizard lick which is designed to properly hook up to a real jlf while still being able to connect to the pcb


If you already have a JLF Harness you don’t need to buy or solder anything. I just did this last night and it is very easy. First, look at how the SF4 SE harness is connected to your stick. Pay particular attention to which part of the connector is facing upward/downward on the joystick. Now you can go ahead and disconnect the old harness from the joystick and PCB. Next, take your JLF harness and connect it to your joystick and check which way the connector is facing (the tab that secures the harness to the joystick pins should be on the bottom if you’re looking at it from the top of the stick). Disconnect the JLF cable from the joystick, but remember the orientation of the harness connector when connected. Take your JLF cable and original SE cable and align the end connectors that connect to the joystick in the same orientation when they are connected. You’ll notice on both connectors there are some small rectangluar holes with metal tabs inside. Start with the JLF connector and remove the 5 ends of the cable inside the connector by pushing down those metal tabs inside the connector with a small screwdriver (micro size work best). You have to pull the cable out while pushing the small notches in on those holes. Be careful not to push too hard on the metal tabs with the screwdriver or you will damage the the wire ends inside the connector. Once you get the wires off the connector, start disconnecting the wires from the joystick connector end on the SE harness. I did one wire at a time and as I removed them from the SE harness I plugged them into the JLF harness making sure to keep the orientation of the connector in mind so that the cables remain in the proper order. Essentially you’re just going to replace the SE harness joystick connector with the JLF connector end.

If this seems confusing to you let me know and I can offer some more help. Here’s a tip that I can provide in the even that you damage the wire end tabs that slide into the connector. Sometimes if you push too hard and break the small tab on top they will not remain in connector. This happened to me twice last night so be careful. If you’re handy with a soldering iron, you can dab a small piece of solder on the top part of the wire end that slides into the connector so that it doesn’t continue to fall out. It was a quick fix that worked out nicely for me.


JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks