Installing LED lights under Plexiglas Panel replacement


Something similar to [media=youtube]0E76rMZLQ_8[/media]

It doesn’t look like it takes too much effort, but I don’t know how to go about doing it


It is easy. Simply connect the annode (The positive, longer leg) to the VCC line, which will be the 5V of your USB, but what will be easier is if you have a board like a ChImp, which has a dedicated VCC line, where there’s a lot more room to solder. Then connect the cathode, the negative shorter leg, to ground. Be sure to put a resistor between one of the two legs and their connection, higher for dimmer, lower for brighter. Around 100-200 ohms should do it per LED, unless if they are different brightnesses. Then you may have to mix and match to get the same brightness everywhere.


That sounds hella complicated, where would i get all that stuff?


you can easily pick up the leds and resistors online or at a radioshack. The soldering iron and solder can be both purchased at radio shack or online too


Here is a picture.

Ohm Value of resistors depends on the amperage of the Leds.
How to Wire/Connect LED’s


Ok, I’m aware of what a circuit is, but how do I build one inside the TE stick?

I’m looking at this board and I see a: 5v, o-, o+, gnd, and sgnd connection on the usb section of the board, and they all have metal rings around them, and on top of that there is glue on most of the connections.

I have: soldering gun, solder, connector wires, resistor, single LED light

Do i just solder the connector wires to the metal rings that surrounds the connections on the board?




i’m scared of messing up :’(