Installing Myoungshin Fanta on SF4 TE

I am looking for help on installing a Myoungshin Fanta into a (ps3) SF4 TE stick. I opened the faceplate to the TE stick and have NO idea what’s going on in there and there seems like there might be a height problem. I’m not sure what to take apart or how to even ground the wires or what have you, completely clueless as this is my first time modding anything.

If this has been answered somewhere else please link me and I will close the thread or a mod can. Thanks!

iirc that fanta stick definately will not fit in the TE due to height restrictions

you didnt research before ripping your TE apart?

iirc, the Fanta won’t mount in the TE case as-is. You would have to remove the plates that are welded to the TE’s top panel and drill a new set of holes to mount the stick. Then you’d have to use a dremel to widen the shaft’s hole to 1 3/4", so that the Fanta’s large base can go through. After you’ve done all that and actually gotten the stick to mount in the TE case, then you can worry about wiring…

Your best option, if you’re absolutely determined to use a Fanta, is to mod a Saulabi. (or build a custom, if you can’t stand the Saulabi’s button layout)

What he said

It looks like there’s just as much work with both of them just slightly less with a saulubi.

has anyone successfully done this anyway? I like the sanwa buttons and feel of the TE stick’s size, I realize the height would change with this but still

Damn, didn’t think it’d be that work intensive. The things I must do for EWGFs.
Thanks for all the input, btw!
I just wanna…wanna fanta :wasted:

I never got the big deal with EWGFs… I have a JLF and an LS-32 and I pulled it off quite easily on both without ever even playing Tekken before… What’s considered hard about it? I guess Super Turbo just spoiled me for “hard execution”.

It’s not so much the EWGF as it is wavedashing, bd canceling, snakedashing etc

It’s not slightly, it’s a simple drop in mod.

yeah but take into account the default buttons are trash that i do not like, while my current stick has buttons i do like (sanwa)