Installing Paewang PCB in Hori EX2


Hey dudes, per the recommendation of some of the folks here I’m going to replace the dead board in my Hori EX2 with a Paewang which makes me happy because I’ll be able to use it on my PS3 without using a converter. Anyway, I just had a couple of questions before I ordered all the stuff I need, because I’m still pretty dense on a lot of this:

  1. I wanted to add quick disconnects to my Sanwa buttons, but the Focus Attack store has .110 and .187 variations… which ones do I want?

  2. Looking at this ( picture, I like what they did with the buttons to attach them to the board easier… what the heck is that that thing?

  3. My biggest concern is the buttons at the top of the EX2, as they’re smaller, proprietary buttons that have those longer ribbon wires coming off of them. Is there a way to simplify their wiring before attaching them to the new board so I can actually tell which button is which?

  4. Am I better off just buying this stuff and sending it to someone who actually knows what the hell they’re doing?

Thanks in advance!

  1. .110
  2. It’s a button harness, you can get it here if you’re so inclined: . You can get a similar thing for the joystick here:
  3. Not sure on which wire is which, I’m sure someone will be along who knows…
  4. If you’ve ever soldered before, it’s easy. If not it’s still pretty easy but there is probably a modder in your area willing to do it if you’re more comfortable with that.


Excellent, thanks for the help! That button harness will certainly make things easier.

I’ve soldered before, replacing the stock buttons in the EX2 with Sanwas and the stick worked fine for a while. I guess the boards are just crappy and die pretty frequently. It’s been sitting in my closet for a year or so and I think it’s time I tried to revive it.


IMO you should get a PS360+ board and link everything up to the screw terminals. Paewang boards are outdated now, and kinda rubbish in the first place.

You can work out which of the top buttons go where by unscrewing the pcb and following the signal traces.

If you use quick disconnects then you will need to insulate them somehow because you have to bend them to the side to fit them in the EX2 shell. Any exposed metal will short the contacts out, as well as problems caused by the metal base plate.

Or… just give it to an experienced modder to do.


Hm. The PS360+ board does seem to be more convenient. It’s about the same price as the Paewang, so I guess there’s no reason not to go that route. How exactly do the buttons connect to it?

Also, forgive my ignorance but what’s a screw terminal?

If possible I’d like to do all this myself so I can learn.


screw terminal = how you connect the buttons to it


I would suggest putting the term ‘screw terminal’ in google image search, but I just got up a load of porn.


This might help…