Installing psx/ps2 controller ports on Tekken 6 cab

So our local arcade is finally open to putting controller ports in the Tekken 6 BR cabinet and so I ordered PSX > JAMMA converters from laugh and we are about to install them soon. I recieved a lot of help from laugh on the matter but I would just like to get some ideas and examples of others who installed the ports on their arcade cabs(any cabs).

We have a dedicated T6 cab with 1 control panel for 2 players and I have an idea of how to wire it up from the front control panel but i just want the best way to do it. I have been suggested to use the same connectors as the cabinet as to not alter the existing wiring but I can’t seem to find the same connectors(i think they are called AMP connectors). Also, I know i have to connect the +5v point to the DB15 but I’m not sure how to tap into it from the front control panel. Any help would be appreciated.