Installing saturn region switch

i am planning on getting a Sega Saturn and would like to check if the older model (oval buttons) or the newer model (round buttons) works better if i want to install a region switch. let me know if you have any info.


I’m not sure what you mean by “works better”, it will work the same. I haven’t looked up anything lately, but here’s how it goes with the Sega Saturn. Sega was smart when they designed the lockout for the Saturn (and the opposite for the Dreamcast, lol). The console has 2 lockouts, one for burnt games and one for different region games. Without disk swapping, you can get by the protection for burnt games by installing a mod chip, and that’s it. However, region free is very simple. There should be a large cartridge slot at the top of the Saturn for memory cards. Well, this is a good buy for the Saturn, and most of the 3rd party ones offer extra features like region free, game cheats, or extra RAM. Your best bets would be to try estarland and play asia and see what they have. If not, I’m sure you can find it on another site. Glad to help.

thanks for the info!

I once had an oval button Saturn that I could not get the region switch mod working on. I found that for installing a region switch the circle buttons had a higher success rate, and where easier to add, uhmmm… “certain hardware…Yarrr!” to.

Does installing the mod chip also let you play all regions too? So if you installed a mod chip you could play burnt Japanese games or would you need the third party RAM cart in addition to the RAM cart? Also kinda off topic but does anyone know if there are any readily available common ground controllers for Saturn that are easily hacked? (I’ve done PS1 pads and Madcatz 360 pad hacks so I’m pretty confident in my soldering skills but I’ve never worked with a non-common ground PCB, and I think I remember reading that Playstation to Saturn lagless converters were hard to come by)

What you can do is install a mod chip, and then patch the games to work for whatever region system you have.

I won’t go into any further details to avoid breaking the rules.

I forgot about the modchip rules. Sorry.

I’m guessing since all the region switch mod does is allow you to play legal, imported copies of games, and not backups, I’m guessing this is within the realm of discussion on these forums…

…What kind of switch would I need to get it to work? Merely a DPDT if all I was concerned about was Japanese/American support? Or something else? I googled for a howto, but everyone’s concerned with the switchless method, and I prefer switches, because that’s how I roll…