Installing Seimitsu LS-32-01 in the Madcatz SFIV FightStick TE

I am trying to change the Sanwa joystick for the Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick. (This is my first time trying to swap parts on any joystick.) I noticed that the Seimitsu mounting plate’s screw holes do not line up with the FightStick’s corresponding mounting plate (the holes overlap only halfway).

Has anybody installed a Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick into the TE and have any advice for dealing with this? Thanks for reading.

Left and right.
Not up and down.

Left and right? You mean use the side mounts on the TE stick? Which way does the white connector of the joystick point? The Sanwa pointed left when I lefted the panel.

the connector needs to point the same way. you can take the the 4 phillips screws out and rotate the pcb.

The PCB has some soldered connections on the 4 corners of the PCB. The other end goes into the joystick. I’m not sure I can rotate this…

EDIT: Oh, I see how that PCB part rotates. I have to unscrew the 4 screws at the bottom of the joystick and rotate that…

EDIT2: I got this working. Thanks for all the help!

Though you got the problem solved, the easiest solution is to use the middle holes as the line up with the mounting plate, no need to unscrew anything.

I was refering to the hole not lining up if I tried to mount the LS-32-01 the same way as the Sanwa. The Madcatz plate has 2 sets of mounts. The Sanwa joystick used the top and bottom mounts of the Madcatz plate, which have no middle holes. When I mounted the LS-32-01 to the left and right mounts (which have the middle holes) of the plate, that is when I noticed that the joystick orientation not being correct in-game. Rotating the PCB on the joystick was really the only way I could solve the problem.

For future reference:

CTRL+F and type 41.

Thats odd my LS-32 is mounted top/bottom in my TE, all for sides have the same holes. All i had to do was to flip the harness.

What mounting plate are you using? The ‘S’ mounting plate? Is the LS-32 mounted at the correct height?

Yea I’m using thw LS-32-01 with S-plate

Interesting, any chance you could show us pics? AFAIK, most everyone mounted their LS-32s on the left-right brackets since that what everyone was told.

Thanks for the link to that instructional guide. That was very informative. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.

It sounds like you have a different LS-32-01 than I do. (Or do you have the LS-32?)

ahh, upon closer inspection, the bracket is welded on turned 90 degrees. The Seimitsu mounting plate is up/down on mine and the sides have no middle hole. Mad Catz QC right there for ya.

Well, I guess we know these things are welded by hand by a person. A machine probably would not make the same mistake.

Going back to my first foray in parts swapping, I have nearly destroyed a hex screw head used to secure the art plate (the panel where the art sites and all the parts go through). Has anybody ever had to replace one of those screws? If so, what is the size, so I can check out the hardware store? Thanks!