Installing SIXAXISadapter on Xbox TE

hey guys

so i was wondering, if its possible, or anyone has done it, to install a sixaxisadapter+ SIXAXXIS PCB on a TE stick for the xbox.

in other words, the sixaxxisadapter+sixaxxis PCB would replace the cthulu board that most ppl install to get PS3 support.


Just curious, but why would you want to go through with all that when the Cthulu is very simple and easy to install?

maybe hes got a spare six axis layin around

cuz i want wireless functionality for ps3 :stuck_out_tongue:

so , anyone? is it possible?

It is possible, but you would have to do a common ground mod for the sixaxis

anyone guides out there for this?

There are no guides, just schematics.