Instant Air Dash Using Directional Inputs

Anyone else do this as opposed to using the face buttons? I need some tips. I’m on a TE Stick. It seems like a clean 96, the Guilty Gear method, is the least consistent input for me, which makes no sense. When I get random inputs like 6986, it tends to work.

:eek: Besides the obvious input issues we both know about…

…if you actually want to IAD with directions, I would suggest super jumping and then buffering the dash motion while you’re rising (unless your character has a super low airdash minimum height). So 1/2 > 8/9 and then 66 while you’re going up. The first 6 will hit while you’re rising but still not at minimum height and the second 6 will activate your airdash.

Not only does this get you to your minimum height faster and give your air attacks more hitstun, it also gives the technique a distinct muscle motion so you kinda have to “activate” it in your brain and be able to perform it with more consistency rather than regular 8/9 > 66.

P.S. - The buffer size is the reason your nonsensical dash works, hahaha. GG @ that

Hmm, I think I tried that, but I didn’t emphasize it. I’ll try again. I’m kind of weary of using more than two inputs to IAD. If I have to use more than 3, then I’ll probably just stick to the face buttons. Thanks for the response.