Instant air dashing+ other infinite questions

i saw the meikyousou (or whatever) infinite combo video (yea i know its old but w/e) and i had a few questions.

i saw some infinites where the guy super jump cancels and then air dashes right away. i tried doing this but it wont let me air dash as soon as i super jump.i have to wait a second or to in order to dash after a super jump. if i sj right away and i push PP as soon as i see the blue flash then my character just jumps straight up and does a hp. i thought i was pushing them wrong so i assigned PP to a single button to see if i was screwing up with the button push, but even with PP on a single button my character would not dash as soon as i super jumped. i had to wait a second or so before i could air dash.

am i doing it wrong? is there a certain way to do this? it looks like i cant do some of the infinities (venom/omegared/dhalsim) if i cant air dash asap.

i also had a question on the rogue- sentinal infininte.

is the infinitie sj ad/f lp lp hp?

i tried doing this but the dash goes on for too long. you cant cancel rogues air dash in the middle. you gotta wait until the very end of rogues air dash in order to do anything at all (which causes the combo to break). i tried pushing the joystick to different directiosn to see if it would cancel the dash faster but no dice.

last question.

does the ps 2 version of mvc 2 have smaller sprites? i tried out gambits infinite (same as storm and striders) on sentinal but the 2nd lk always whiffs. i tried to do it for about half an hour but the 2nd kick never hit once.

thank you for your time

You’re right; you can’t air dash immediately after you leave the ground. The pause is definitely not as long as a second, though.

Watch this:

yea i was exaggerating a second hehe

but anyways how does the guy in this infininte video leave asap? gameshark?

dont worry, its ok, most of if not all of the stuff in those kind of videos cant be pulled off, they use a program pad or something, or so i’ve heard

well i did get the rogue infinite down but i did it with normal jump instead of SJ.

any explanation on the gambit inf? the 2nd lk whiffs