Instant Air Dashing

Hey, guys. I’m learning both Hsien-Ko in DS3 and Dante in UMvC3 and from what I can tell they both benefit from IADs. The problem I’m having is not even knowing where to start learning them. Also I’m wondering if I learn how to IAD in one game, say Darkstalkers 3, can I apply those same exact techniques to another game, like UMvC3 or Blazblue? Any tips or advice on how to learn to IAD will be taken with great appreciation. It seems much harder in DS3, but this is coming from someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so maybe I’m wrong. Thanks for any and all help with this matter. I’m hoping to better myself as a FG player overall.

The trick is to hit uf,f it registers the up forward as the first forward in the dash motion as well as the jump that gets you off the ground.

That said, I’ve also been having a little trouble doing this on DS3 when facing right for some reason, never had this trouble on other games so I’m wondering if perhaps the timing is strict in some way, maybe you can do it too fast or too slow.

It UMvC3, there’s a minimum height you have to achieve before you can airdash which varies a bit from character to character. You can reach that minimum height faster by superjumping, so d,uf,f would work. UMvC3 also has a “shortcut” in that pressing two attack buttons will make you dash. The shortcut can help a lot with characters that can airdash in directions other than forward and backward like Magneto, Doom, Viper, etc.

For me it’s much easier to do consistently on a pad. It’s all about going back to neutral. On stick I can only do it consistently when facing left.

Is there a height requirement in DS3? I tried the air-dash

Yeah I’m using a stick and returning to neutral seems to be an issue for me in this regard.

How rough can I be with my stick? When I’m practicing somethings, this specifically, I feel like I’m being extra rough on the actual stick of the arcade stick. Are these things made for tough wear and tear or should I find a way to tone it down?

What kind of stick do you have? A popular notion with sticks is that “You get what you pay for”. Normally meaning the cheaper it is the faster things break. For instance I have a Madcatz TE with Sanwa parts in it and it cost about $200 and some change. As long as i dont hit the stick with a sledgehammer or drop a bag of bricks on the buttons, it’s pretty much fine. So whether or not it is made for wear and tear is somewhat subjective.

In the darkstalkers re-release, it is very difficult to IAD to the right. This really put me off the game because I have not had this difficulty in any other air dashers (BB, GG, marvel, p4a), and it is really important for lei-lei.

I wouldn’t suggest upgrading your fight-stick hoping it will make IAD easier in DS3.

Huh, I thought it was just an execution thing for me, but I play Lei-Lei as well and I can’t IAD forward on the 1P side very consistently either. 74 I get every time but 96 maybe only 10% of the time.

It’s because in DS3 you must not hit 8 when you do an IAD otherwise it fails. And I too experienced that you accidentally hit it more easily when dashing to the right. It comes down to practice, the way I found is to straighten the index and major fingers to the 9 direction so you can push your joystick at the right angle with your thumb only.

:uf: :f: is the shortcut for IAD.

Just button air dash in Marvel. It’s what everyone does, for a reason.

In Guilty Gear you have to slightly delay your last :f: input if you’re buffering off a jump-cancellable ground normal because you can’t input the air dash before you leave the ground obviously.

Arcade sticks are extremely simple designs and are supposed to withstand 5 year olds abusing the crap out of them. Don’t worry about breaking it. You will have to replace it eventually (like 5 years) but don’t worry about that.

Yea I put marvel in my list because air dash, but definitely button dash in marvel.