Instant Air Jaguar Kick, is it useful?

When are you supposed to use Instant Air Jaguar Kick?

I have tried to work it into my game plan, but I can’t figure out where it would replace a regular jaguar kick.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

You can pressure with IAJ alot better than regular JK because of it’s ‘instant’ property.

It also acts as an offensive mix up.Most characters have a counter to every single version of JK so you have to mix them all together to make people guess which counter to use,which is always a good thing.If youre good at mixing them up they’ll most likely end up blocking out of fear, then you can run your throw/frametrap shenanigans against them up close.

Another reason for using them is that they can become hard to differentiate from regular jaguar kicks which cant be focused but have fixed distances,whereas you can control IAJ more freely.This makes them guess whether they can focus or not, which links back to the above point.

Finally jaguar kicks do good chip damage.

The downside to IAJ,as I mentioned,is the fact that they can be focused.If you get too predictable with them/your opponent is good at reading you then you will get level 2 focused for spamming IAJ.The trick to reading jaguar kicks when fighting against Adon is to listen to the sound he makes.For ground jaguar kicks he will say “Jagger keek” but for IAJ’s he will just go “Shooo”(this is in JPN voice).Play the matchup depending on whether or not your opponent is aware of this.