Instant Air Jaguar Kick

just to let you guys know

the AIR jaguar kick can combo into MK/MP and more, leading into badass combos

notation :uf: :qcb: + any Kick

This really didn’t need it’s own thread as its being discussed in the adon general discussion

good to know but the input is a quarter circle back

^ Not in the air, its not.

Or am I just groggy and delusional from sleep deprivation?

Yeah the motion is qcb+K in the air. I really need to find a better use for it. Right now it just whiffs like crazy against people and I get punished. However that’s only when I been using it as a jump in. I’ve yet to use the instant version in block strings like I originally planned.

Couldn’t you use it like Dan’s knee is used sometimes- to hop over people who are anticipating a regular jump in or empty jump?

I use it for people who try to follow me during a jump back

other than that I just throw it out randomly when i’m full screen to give them the illusion of a setup, dont know if it’s working :lol:

I thought I remember reading someone posting that the input for Instant Air Jaguar Kick was d,db,b,u,uf,f+kick. I swear I’ve looked in every post in all the Adon threads but can’t seem to find it.

In any case, yes, you can instant air jag kick doing u,d,db,b+kick, but you have to do it VERY fast to get it SUPER low on the ground. I recommend you giving the above input a shot and compare the difference in height with the two inputs. Every time I do d,db,b,u,uf,f+kick, Adon is basically grazing the ground. When I try doing u,d,db,b+kick, I can sometimes get it as low, but usually he has a bit of height.

My problem is I can’t find a consistent method of doing instant air jag where Adon’s is low. I’ve been trying for the last couple days to figure out if there’s a secret to it. I’ve gotten it sometimes doing d,db,b,u+kick; most of the time it comes out as a neutral jump kick. But this makes me think that there’s a specific time you can input kick to get the IAJ like a “Just-Frame” move. I’ve had the most success doing d,db,b,u,uf,f+kick motion but still can’t get it to come out consistently. So I was wondering if anyone can get IAJ super low consistently.

One benefit of using the prescribed input is that you can buffer the inputs in the mist of a poke or whiff and just throw out the last half and have it come out. Using u,d,db,b+kick requires you to input right when you recovery from your frames.

I’ve been really wanting to use this move in matches, because it looks like a good poke.

  • It covers from sweeping to about mid-screen depending on which kick you use.
  • All versions are safe on block as opposed to when Adon does it in the air.
  • On hit, you can combo since it’s IAJ
  • The down side is that it doesn’t armor break, but hopefully you’ve put fear for them to do FA with his arsenal of armor breaking moves.

So to reiterate, if anyone can help with getting a consistent true instant air jaguar motion, I would greatly appreciate it.

I still can’t find a reliable TK method for air JK either.

In the mean time, one technique that may help some newer players out is the old but true “buffering the input behind down”. In this case it is d, up, qcb + K. Performed almost as if you’re going to manually air jump in Marvel. You’re utilizing the few frames you get with the down animation to input your air special early. Air Hurricane kicks. Akuma Air Fireballs. Rolento Knives. Etc. I can’t think of an air born special where this doesn’t work. It works with Adon In SSF4 and I can get the air JK fairly close to the ground JK height, but it is still no Instant/Tiger Knee style execution. It’s just using an execution trick that’s been in the game since…what…Hyper Fighting? :wonder:

Wow, THANKS SOSAGE, I was getting these like 5% of the time and now I’m getting them like 50/50 after practicing for about a minute :tup:

I play mvc2 and this just feels like a superjump cancel to me. I dig this, IAJ c.lp link is pretty lenient, feels more reliable than his jaguar tooth c.lp link. This may not be instant but it’s way easier to stay low with the buffer, and that’s my main concern.

Edit: IAJ super is 415 dmg, and a satisfying way to end a match.

IAJK isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it.

Just remember that there’s this little area near the ground where you can’t do air jag kick (about up to a standing character’s waist), so when you try IAJKs you have to wait until you jump out of this zone before you hit kick for the jag kick. You have to get a little bit of height before you hit kick.

Dunno if they’re crazy useful, they can’t crossup, and they can be blocked low… they aren’t incredibly fast, but they’re decent, good for getting around too.

I been trying to figure out adon’s IAJ as well. I can do Cammy’s without any problem but when it comes to adon i can only manage to get like 1/20. what is the differences? So confused!!

ahh… i see. so i have to learn the timing of the K input. will try this out tomorrow. does anyone knows the frame +/- for IAJ hit/block?

I think the real usefulness of this is in that you can combo pretty easily with after and it’s just adding to the many angles of attack Adon has. EX IAJ is sweet.

I think this is a huge reason why we don’t have a ground-shortcut TK-style air jag kick…a’la Cammy’s “ground” dive kick. This seems to be the system forcing us to execute legit. Unless a shortcut does exist…people IRL keep talking like there is one (but no one knows what it is…urban legend then?).

Oh, don’t get me wrong, you can still TK it, with d, db, b, uf+k.

But there is a little area close to the ground where you can’t do air jag kick. Just jump straight up and try it right before you land, it won’t come out.

OH! Sweet. Egg on my face. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did some more lab work. Yeah, you can do it d,db,b,u+kick, but the input of the kick has to be at a certain time otherwise the move doesn’t come out. I think the extra inputs that I mentioned add some timing to it. So essentially it’s just d,db,b,u+kick.

Apparently, Juri’s instant dive kick is similar to Adon’s where it’s a timing issue.

I really want to get this execution down 100% “TK-style” to see what it can add to Adon’s gameplay.

Just some thoughts:

  • blocked to ex-IAJ for those that option select.
  • advance forward with IAJ poke
  • doesn’t whiff as much as if you were to do it in air

IAJ is amazing. I use the LK version to build meter far away, and at 1 to 3 characters away I use it to establish a pressure game . I don’t exactly know the frame data for it, but I’m pretty sure you get +'s on block. I mean, you can combo c.HK off it (9 frame start-up). So IAJ on block it should be around 3-4 frame advantage. Just make sure to bait jump-ins + random DPs, and throw in normal JKs if the opponent tries to focus your IAJs.

I’m currently trying to see if I can use IAJ to punish grab techers. Kinda like how Rufus/Cammy can dive kick to bait a grab and punish with a nice combo. It may not be necessary since Adon has a decent neutral jump mixups, but it’s worth checking if you can get guaranteed damage off a baited grab tech.

Everytime i try and do the Jag Kick after a j. mk, i can never time it right.