Instant Air Jaguar Kick

It doesn’t exist. You can’t TK jaguar kick because the special is not avaliable as soon as you leave the ground. Like yuri dives or akuma air fireballs, You can’t really TK them. If you wait a while after leaving the ground it’ll work, that’s why esoteric motions work.

tenyardmike, air jaguar kick only cancels off of a neutral jump mk, this might be whats giving you trouble. if you use it, go nj mk xx lk ajk. if you use a stronger jk it;ll fly over all but the tallest characters, land you behind them and set you up for a punish.

yeah, i’ve only gotten it to connect of a nuetral j mk. I thought we can do it off regular j. mk too like in the first adon trailer

Uh…yeah…I was trying out to EX IAJK using Soagae’s method and I was able to get it REALLY close to the ground, to the point where both hits hit a standing Gen. I was only able to do it like four times…but the pressure must be insane if mastered…

What’s the point of EX IAJK? To break focus and still maintain pressure? Or is it an overhead?

This is a great thread. I really need to play with this move more and find its uses. Mixing these in with normal jumps is going to bring Adon’s shennanigan game to a whole new level lol. Is it possible to cross up with this?

So everything Adon related needs to be in one general discussion thread? That makes no sense man…there is an entire Adon forum for a reason, and this is a useful topic.

I am loving playing with Adon right now, but with that said his AJK received the short end of the stick in my opinion.

-he can only do it jumping forward or neutral, and only at certain height as well, which wouldn’t be so bad if various other characters (cammy, juri, rufus) didn’t have normal and special moves that can dive toward an opponent as soon as they are in the air jumping forward, back, or neutral.

-then take some one like Juri who’s diving special move can combo into an U1 with 1 ex bar, as well as cammy who can tech her Diving speical from the ground and then U1 also only using 1 ex bar, While adons AJK only has a 1frame link (when it hits) into a RJ which you then have to FADC U2.

  • His instant overhead is meant to be used as a high low mix up after jump in’s. You can only do instant overheads to some characters, and even then the timing and spacing is so strict once the nj.MK hits (on the way up or the way down) if your not at the right height or distance from the character (who’s hit box allows this combo) it doesn’t combo. Ex the AKJ does make it connect a little easier but results in a knock down. This wouldn’t be so big a deal if Juri’s instant overhead did work on most of the cast and connect way easier than adons.

  • just felt like ranting. I love playing with adon despite his stupid storyline, questionable normal/special/ultra properties, and what I could only call half developed play mechanics. this is all my opinion of course.

XBL: Salami Grease let’s play, hope you pick a character that I can do the instant overhead, AJK, RJ, FADC, U2 too, because I am getting good at it.

Actually, Juri doesn’t even need one EX bar to combo into her U2 after a dive special, if they don’t do the followup hits. It puts the opponent in the air right in front of them and, with a little bit of timing, they can then do the U2. So yeah, be weary of this thing.

Also, Adon’s EX AJK’s knockdown is actually a handy effect once you get used to his wakeup games. He doesn’t have the best in that department, but there are some solid options.

ive been trying this and the only way i can get it to come out efficiently is if do d,u,d,db,u+k. This way doesnt seem to get the same results as the other ways mentioned. it doesnt do it as close to the ground.

So, I made this reset up earlier in training mode.

Basically it’s only use is after a stun.

lvl 3 fa and then do a ia jk. time it just a little late, because if you do it too fast it will actually combo lol.

You can mix this up with dashing back and doing it or doing it at blank range.

It’s not that great, but fun to throw in every now and then after a stun. Plus, it sets you up perfect to set up your neutral jump game.

it’s really possible to TK the Air JAguar???
i try … more and more … and i never succeeded…
cr.LK OS IAirJAguar???

i do jump neutral to air jaguar but its a cancel…
somebody have a video to show it?

You can’t really combo it. It’s more a spacing thing you do to either catch up with the opponent or zone them out with.

i see a video from alex vally…he explains some tricks for adon… pretty good.
here :

i make the instant air jaguar…in a combo, a good reset.

Frame data on higher AJKs differ, but if you do IAJK, you can sweep off it. If you land close enough, an RJ links even more easily.

I had no idea that you could IAJK, thank you, I am off to practice.

Hey everyone. I was playing around in training mode with different inputs for IAJK. I found out that the input for AJK doesn’t have to be a full d, db, b + K, you can get it with just db, b + K. So a real consistent way to get the really low IAJK is to just do:

uf, db, b + K.

It works really well for me because I have a square gate, so I just move the stick from one corner to the other, then up slightly and hit kick. Another thing to note, if you’re in a match and worried that you may mess up the input and get a lame jump up normal and get punished as well as lose your positioning, you can have the kick held prior to the your attempt, and just try to do the move with the negative edge, that way if you mess up, you’ll end up with an empty jump and can still do any air normal or AJK if you need it.

Edit: Nevermind, it felt like I was skipping the d portion, but I looked at the input display and it’s still showing me hitting d, but the motion I do feels like a quick uf, db, b + k

for the IAJK , i use the SPD motion from gief, but i start at uf.

Thanks karlito! I was having trouble getting this consistently, using all different kinds of notations, but your method was by far the easiest and also allowed me to get the iajk’s lower to the ground then any other method!

I rarely use it, but when I do the real bonus…to me…is knocking the opponent down. Grounding opponent, imo, is always a major plus. I’ve recently found knockdown is money vs. Cody (no wake up options…).

Finally getting the timing down. It’s purely a timing issue for "TK"ing IAJ. I originally started with d,db,b,u,uf,f+kick and got better results doing that than d,db,b,u,kick. Spent a good amount of time each day this past week working on IAJ. In reality, just too much motion for practicality. So the last couple of days, I’ve been determined to figure out the timing for d,db,b,u,kick.

I’m starting to get decent with it (probably 70% success). My suggestion for those of you wanting to “TK” IAJ is to just spend a lot of time in practice mode figuring out the timing of when to press kick after you jump.

Dunno if this is posted in combo thread and it’s not worth the bars but…
RJ, FADC, ex-IAJ (250 dmg for 3 bars)