Instant Air Yoga Shangri-La?



I saw Xian and Arturo doing it on their streams, so I tried it and it doesn’t come out.
I’m jumping back and inputting the command as fast as I can. Not sure how they get it so easily.


Do the 2x quarter circle first, then end with up forward + 3x punches


Thanks, I will try that. Would have never thought of it.


you can do it the second his feet leave the ground. As SimSimIV said you go QCF-QCF-UF then 3x punches. If you do it too fast he wont jump and it wont work.


If you want it really close to the ground and instantly you do as SimSimIV said.
If you want to delay it a bit and let it go a little higher you can do 1 qcf, uf, then another qcf.

Both has its uses. First one will come “faster” but the latter one will cover more screen.


Thanks guys, I got it down. Great input.


Unfortunately this is not a reversal… It could be very useful to spam a random ultra to try to stop pressure lol


No reversal also in this version :confused: