Instant Airs on a fight stick


I was going to put this in the MKX forum, but it seems dead down there.
And its relevant to many games I suppose.

How do you do Cassie’s instant air guns on a fight stick.

I get the concept, jump, and do air guns. But for the life of me I can’t get this down on a stick.
On pad its fine, I use one of the analogue sticks to jump and d-pad for the guns.

If anybody has any techniques for instant airs on a stick, for any game. Could help in GG to. I would really appreciate hearing them.


I can only comment on Capcom games. In general, you would do the move and then jump while pressing a button. Dhalsim’s teleport is an SRK motion with punch or kick. To do it IA, you would do the SRK motion, but end it in up-forward, then press punch or kick. It’s the same on stick or pad.


Well, not only this, but you have to bring the stick to neutral before pressing punch/kick, or it doesn’t register.

So basically, you need to do 2365+p/k to do an instant air fireball move. Chun’s IA Legs never come out for me unless i do the exact movement and end in neutral, so I end up having to do 236935+k, same with sim IA teleport: 62395 or 42175.


I need to check, but I believe instant airs in NRS’s engine work a bit differently.

EDIT: Yep, I was right. You really just need to hit the up then the rest of the motion quickly. Best way is to buffer it.


Thanks Missing Person.
That helps a lot. I didn’t even think to try buffer the move before the jump. I have been jumping and then trying to do the required inputs.

Thanks Greenwood.

Thanks D3v.
I will check that video out when I get home.

Would an anime fighter typically allow me to buffer the special move and then jump and hit a button, like it seems Street Fighter does. Or would I need to jump and then quickly do the special move like Mortal Kombat seems to require. Knowing Capcom games will let me buffer before the jump actually has a massive influence on my decision to get a hitbox layout controller. The instant airs are the only reason I wanted a hitbox. Though if MK requires I do everything the hard way, I may still have to transition from the stick.


Since it’s mk you can actually do up/back then forward or down/forward+1 for instant air guns as soon as you leave the ground if it’s on easy inputs. It’s been a while but I know you can have 2 different kinds of directional inputs.

It worked with kabal in mk9 doing up/back x2

Here’s liu kangs with sloppy inputs but it works


Thanks @UltimateChocolate I will check that out.