Instant deal breakers

This is kind of vague, but I mean stuff people can do (or views they can express) to make you instantly lose damn near all respect for them. Aside from the obvious stuff like murder, rape, etc…

trying to date me but are homophobic. have too many gay friends for that to be cool.

-Chicks who expect me to buy them drinks on GP.

-People who are openly homophobic, they should just keep that shit to themselves

-Chicks who are hella loud

-Chicks who have dirty feet from wearing flip flops 100% of the day

-Overly religious people who try to impose their beliefs on you

-People who love to argue

rape and murder didn’t use to be a dealbreaker back in the olden days. Genghis Khan was super badass and and killed up to a 100 million people and then spread the Black Death killing even more. He also never raped anyone. No he just slept with the women conquered peoples gave him out of fear. Also rape was a crime against property back in the middle ages and slaughetered all said owners of the property before the mongol hordes took the women. He also said “Join us or die” like Alan Rickman to all hte peoples he annihilated.

yeah just straight up hating 5-10% of all populations is not cool.

Agree 100% though having fake arguments with the gf in order to get makeup sex not that bad.

Wanna be thugs. They piss me off me off because I actually came from a rough environment and they have no idea what the hood life is about.

Drunk rednecks are also on top of my list. I was at this country bar called Cowboys yea, original and these 2 guys tried something with me just for being black. When I stood up to them they backed down though. Well I guess you can say ignorant people instead of drunk rednecks.

-Chicks who are openly racist, but still listen to Ludacris

-Chicks who ask me to buy them a drink even though they’re carrying two vodka cranberries and a Bud Light in their hands.

-Chicks who start bringing up marriage after one drunken hookup

-Girls from high school, even though you might have had (or still do) have a crush on them. That reunion is going to be mad awkward at best.

-Forgot one: girls at the Arby’s drive-thru who try leaving their phone numbers in with my curly fries. I’m sorry, but I can’t hang out with no woman that comes home smelling like roast beef and cheddar.

no head

thats another one that drives me insane…or no swallow. i hate girls who dont swallow.

9th post and no mention of smoking?

Bishes that refuse to believe that Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans.

Bad hygiene. Occasional bad breathe? Alright, that’s cool. It happens. But if the 4/5 times I see you and you smellin’ like a hot vacuum cleaner that just picked up a bunch of pennies, then you gots to GTFO.

hey now, why are murder and rape assumed to be deal breakers. I know rape would be for me, and murder as the crime is normally defined probably would be. Not just the act of killing though. A lot of people need killing and I can’t fault someone for that. Taking life is on a case by case basis in my eyes.

Boring people don’t get any of my time. If the first thing I learn about you (from you) is your religion, politics or sexuality then you go on my list of people who really have nothing to say to me. Not that it is any particular one of those things that I am against. It’s just if that is all you have to talk about then you are boring. Get a fucking hobby.

Incredibly stupid stuff as well, like if you don’t believe the holocaust happened, or something similar. That level of stupid is too much for me to handle.

People who use your bathroom, and dont flush, leave used q-tips on the floor or hide them underneath bath mats, then they deny it was them after you confront them about it when you inspect your bathroom once they leave it 2 minutes earlier.

ugg boots.
for real.

lol@ vegeta…real talk…nigga is the prince of all saiyans once again.

on bad hygiene…bitches wit that one dead tooth…that makes the whole mouth smell like rotting flesh. no…bitch get ur ass some dental care.

Glenn Beck supporter, birther

This shit is a lie. Some girls say that they don’t give dome, but they’re just selling wolf tickets.

Straight chicks love to suck cock, this is FACT.

How could I have forgotten?:sad:

My current chick smoked before we met and I told her that I couldn’t date her because of the smoking. She told me she was was ready to quit anyway and now she’s cigarette free.

Add Crocs while you’re at it. Crocs are the ugliest piece of clothing that I’ve ever seen. They’re just atrocious in every way.

vote republican
jesus freak

Ludacris, Akon, or T-Pain…that makes no damm sense to me.

Wifey is talented if she can hold 2 Vodka Cranberries and a Bud light sheesh, get this girl a tall glass lol.

I would say…

-Smoking, but as Srkev said… some just stop
-Being around the block alittle too much, plus everybody knowing about it ( Keep your business to yourslef)
-Trust issues… If you have none, you better get some soon.
-Can’t at least do DP fADC into Ultra…that would be just sad…lol

Chicks with kids. I cant be fucking with baby mom’s at this point in my life.

IMO kids = -4 points. So she would have to be a 10 for me to be mildly interested in persuing.

if they mash shoryuken. I mean, come on, learn the game for crying out loud.

Any girl who talks ghetto. If I can’t bring her home to meet my parents without feeling embarrassed then the hell with it.